Ok. where were we last time so many weeks ago. Discussing various types of governments, and urning back the

calendar to look a what socialism is and who invented it.

First of all socialism is not a form of government. You have basically just three or four types of government.

Because many forms have ben in place for hundred or even thousands of years. The main and oldest form is

isa monarchy, which often was a theocratic monarchy, with a king/high priest in charge. An excellent example would

be Egypt. Of course there were many others around that time, and even earlier but for simplicity lets use Egypt as

our example. To be fair of course there were other examples like the Hittites, Persia, several Meso-American

civilizations and naturally Asian. In this example there was a single leader who was a combination of a civic

governor and religious leader, who would have appointed others to help with duties like tax collecting, Tax collecting

was in many forms, in some cases a month of labor might be assessed, perhaps working on civic projects like

public buildings. Another tax was likely to be grain or other food staples, to feed or pay the laborers who were

working on public projects, while a portion of the grain would be stored away in case of drought or flood, the food

would be used to feed the populace if the crops failed or were ruined. This ws the duty of the government of the


This was socialism. The government was responsible for the populace as a whole, not merely the big-wigs.

All of the people contributed for the good of everyone. Taxes of grain were paid by the farmers and the others who

did not farm pain in labor (to be fair, those able to do so might hire someone else to do the actual labor. However it

was done, the tax was paid and everyone benefitted.

These were not, in any way or by any definition, Socialist governments. They would be either Monarchies or

Theocracies. One person was in charge, though there might be delegated or other hereditary positions, but one

person was in charge. They might be kind or and least not despotic awards their people. They usually lead the Army

which incidentally was much of the time and in many places, such a Greece, the duty of all male citizens to join the

fight whenever needed.

Now lets fly forward to the much later BC’s and look at some of the Kings and cults in the Holy Land. First of all,

the first King was Saul, followed by David whose som was Solomon and so on and so forth. Score later we come to

‘the late BC early CE or AD period. We had Herod the Great. Herod liked to think big, and he did things like rebuild

the Temple. Naturally he had to Tax there populace which he did. He also taxed outsiders, much like Solomon was

thought to have done in terms of trade with the Egyptians, among others, Herod, though, got mixed up with the

Romans and became essentially a vassal. When He died Herod Antipas, his son got part of the Kingdom (Judah, I

. believe) and his brothers helped carve top the rest. Of course in Israel, the Southern Kingdom we had a mixed

governing power. The Romans basically were the heavies and put the screws to the tax collectors. Meanwhile, the

Priests of the Temple were expected to keep the people happu=y or at lest not rebellious via the faith, as well as a

civil authority in Jerusalem, on which sat the priests and elders (aka the wealthy) if Jerusalem. But, not everyone

was happy and a cult (one of many) formed and built a monastery out by the Dead Sea, called Qumran. It is thought

that the Dead Sea Scrolls were hidden in the caves around the Dead Sea when the Romans got a little annoyed and

sent a few legions to pretty much eradicate the somewhat irritating people of what we know as the Holy Land in 70


Now the interesting thing about the Qumran settlement is that most scholars think is was a sort of monastic cult

that may have copied the scrolls of the Torah, and thus kept the purity of the Word. But if that is the case, and those

scholars are correct, Qumran may well have been a communist society’

Thats right. Communist (gasp!) You see, if they are right they may have shared everything communally. Thus

they would be a communist society! How about that! But not a socialist society. Because their numbers and

membership would have been controlled, possibly closed or very difficult to get into. Only the members

would benefit from anything the community did or did not do. Most likely there was one person or a

group in charge, and again likely the members were essentially equals. Work and food were shared and so on.

Now that we have discussed those types of socialist societies we will next go on to some other forms of

government. Some good, many bad.


Due to some sort of glitch, Socialism: Facts vs. Fiction Lesson II was lost. it was actually written out and ready o go then…Nothing. Rather than retranscribe it, the Lesson II will be re-written entirely, with new information that builds everything up, as well as much of the original Part II.

Look here on March 26th, and if not here on that day check again on Monday March29th. There should be another brand new part on April 5th, the day after Easter. Meanwhile myself and the staff will be attending Comouters and you, Parts are and 2 for dimwits.


There may be a test at the end if this long series. Your grade will depend on your grasp of the content, not merely the title.

OK. Just kidding. It’s all pass/fail. The main thing is to learn something. And the very first thing to learn is that you probably now nothing, or at least very little about “Socialism: the big scary bugaboo”.

First of all, Socialism is not Communism. Communism on the other hand is socialism, but kind of a perverted, runaway socialism. It is-and this may surprise many-actually a social philosophy, proposed by philosophers, not politicians. The first Socialist was probably God. Think of the Garden of Eden. So many people think that Socialism is the search for or yearning for Utopia, and that all “socialists” are “Utopian” dreamers. But, think now to the Bible. The creation story best known from Genesis, in the Jewish/Christian Old Testament. That was not, by the way, any sort of Utopia. In fact the very first Utopia did not exist before Sir Thomas More’s creation of it in 1516, during the resign of Henry VIII. You know, a bunch of wives, notably Anne Boleyn. Any resemblance to any other Utopia came before Sir Thomas and his creation of the term in the 16th Century. Before him came Thomas Aquinas, St Augustine of Hippo, Aristotle Socrates and most notably, Plato. He wrote, among many other things, “the Republic and created the myth of Atlantis.

But all of them were, presumably, preceded in the “creation” of a utopia by God. You know what we mean. Paradise. The Garden of Eden. Then of course, like all Utopian style dreams, Humans came along and screwed things up and naturally, and predictably, lost that dream of the Idyllic life.

That is, of course, what happens to all Utopian reams. All Utopian experiments. People take hold of an idea, think they know it all and screw it up. All Utopian writings, from the Garden of Eden an down to Sir Thomas More, to Brave New World to Animal Farm or 1984 describe not drams of sylvan Fields and everyone happy go lucky, getting along with everyone else and living a life of ease and lack of want. Every single one of those “dreams” ends as a nightmare of dysfunctional society and breakdown of civilizations.

Why? Because they are based on ideals, not reality. Philosophers tend to be dreamers, even the best of them, In terms of modern ideas of socialism, Immanuel Kant is sort of the Grandaddy, at least in relatively modern terms. He lived from 1724 to 1804. He influenced a lot of other social reformer types including Hegel and Marx. The one person we have mentioned who took the idea seriously was Karl Marx. But lets take some time to consider some of the fallacies. Basing these on some of the aforementioned people. We will leave God out of it, for now at least.

So, which came first? The Communism or the Socialism? To answer that we have to plunge into rekigious texts, or ideals at any rate. Because Communism came first. Socialism was invented til later.

He was barn sometime between 428-423 BCE, and died about 80 years later. He was a citizen Athens and many of his writings, especially concerning society and civilization concerning this topic are based in/around Atens, For instance he wrote Republic, written around 370 BCE, which is set in a mythical kingdom ruled by Kallipolis, a type of utopian city-state, along the basic lines of Greek city-states. I is centered around an idea of Justice. That is important. It may be in the (non) test. And, to implicate matters more, he uses Socrates as sort of the protagonist. It is written as a dialogue wherein two or more people are discussing topics. Republic is written in many volumes. Overall it boils down to being Justice is the definition of a “well ordered soul”.

The crux of the matter he says that “a tyrants nature will leave him with “horrid pains and pangs”‘. On the other hand “only the Philosopher is able to judge which sort of ruler is best because only he can see the Form of the Good.” He points out that the human tendency is to be corrupted power and leads town the road to timocracy, oligarchy, democracy and tyranny..

What the heck is timocracy? That is a state where only property owners may participate in government. Hmm. Sounds familiar. In fact in the constitution of the United States, only landowners, male landowners, could vote. In fact they had to broaden the definition to include business owners, even if they did not own land. If they owned a business or land, they could vote. But only men, That was pretty much the status of things in Athens by the way. Timocracy, he felt, could only lead to oligarchy, where the wealthy rule. We see that in Russia. Vladimir Putin and his favorites, sycophants and cronies rule. He also is thought by many to be the richest man in the world. Only his money is hidden so well that no one knows for sure. And he notes that in a timocracy ” in choosing it’s leaders incline toward the most simple minded type, who are most inclined toward war. Solon introduced the idea of a graded oligarchy into the Athenian constitution on the very early 6th century. Oligarchy comes from the Greek word olives, meaning the few. As we have seen the state we know as Russia and was the USSR fits this category. It is a minority rules type of tyrannical government leading to the best for the very rich and screw everyone else. Now democracy we see as a “majority rules, such as the United States. Democracies have various forms and have evolved over many, many centuries, and we will discuss the United States as well, And finally we have tyranny.

Tyranny has a lot of different forms and, over the next few articles we will discuss those as well. Bu, getting back to Socialism, tyranny has used both socialism, democracy and oligarchy to rule. They just use different names. Keep in mind that Socialism is not really a political type of state. It is a system of Justice, and economics which bleeds over into some, but not all, governments.

Nazism, some. forms of Fascism masquerade as socialism. There are dome monarchies that practice what might be thought of as socialism. But stop, right now, in thinking that socialism is a form of government. It is a philosophy of HOW to govern.

So much for today. see you next week and please think about all this. Other than using your brain and your IQ there is no homework. Just think. Like a philosopher.


So here we are, veterans and most explicitly disabled veterans -and yes, that includes me, wondering why the Administration last week went back and forth and round-and-round figuring out how to best score veterans.

Apparently sometime on Monday they decided that Disabled Veterans who did not file income tax for 2019 or 2018 did, after all, have to file a form with the IRS in order to get the $1200 that everyone else was getting.

For weeks, and weeks they had been saying ‘Oh no, veterans getting disability or pensions do not have to file any additional paperwork if they had not filed tax returns in 2018 or 2019. For those who do not know, disability payments for veterans are not taxable. If that sounds really wonderful, you don’t get rich on veterans disability or pension payments, any more than you do on Social Security benefits.In fact I have heard of people who get more on Social Security than I do on VA disability payments, and I am a 100 percent service connected disabled vets. I am luckythough. If I had to depend on Social Security Disability I would barely scrape by.

But back to the Government and the Disabled Veterans.

Sometime on Monday, April 20th, its was announced that contrary to what we had been told, Vets on disability did indeed have to file a form with the ITS. No big deal right? Wrong.

The form had to be filled out by noon on April 22nd.

And nobody made an effort to say anything.

I found out quite by accident from a piece on a news aggregator, which showed an article from Stars and Stripes (which Trump tried to defund, showing how much he cares about the Military and naval forces as well as veterans). anyway, I found out about it 11 hours after the deadline of noon ET. What the heck am I supposed do?

I still don’t know. After searching diligently trough all of the e-mails on various topics that I get from the VA I still can not find anything. Nor can I find anything on ny of the news sites, or government sites.


I wrote and called my congressman office.


And I imagine that that is what all disabled Veterans, from the lowest !0% disabled all the way up to the 100 percent disabled will find in their bank account will find.



The following is conjecture, but is based on too many years of watching Sociapaths, Greedy Psycopaths and idiots like Trump and Family.

Spo, the reason I believe that Trump did not invoke the Korean War era law that would compel private companies to produce items neccessaary to public safety.

Why would he threaten, or even promise to do so then back off? Twice at least? According to news stories inthe past week, he was “convinced” not to do so by the private sector. But which private sector? was it the same senators who sold off stock just before the Stock Exchange nosedive? Or was it others who wanted to take advantage of time to byuy stock here and there to benefit themselves? Why did he initially say nothing when Auto companies offered to produce ventilators?

Why did he invoke it on GM, AFTER GM ad already said they would, a week earlier? Probably because the Chairwoman of GM doesn’t like Trump and vice-versa. Or so it has been said in the mainstream media as well as the fringe element for years. So he “Orders” GM to produce ventilators after GM volunteered to a week earlier. Right

Personally we believe it was so persons in the private sector could position themselves favorably in the purchase of stock in companies that already produce ventilators, masks and other needed items.

Then, there is the case of a Republican Fundraiser who suddenly sent messages to all of his clients informing them that he would no longer Represent them. And mind, this is a professional GOP fundraiser who worked on major elections, not just the local like the school board.

And why, pray tell did this person suddenly go out of the business of raising money for the Republican Party?

To sell medical Personal Protective Equipment. No one noknows exactly at this moment what other medical stuff (and perhaps other Prepper type items) he might be selling, but he and a partner registered a brand new LLC in Delaware to do just that. Sell medical masks and similar items . Right now we do not know exactly the entire line of items, but this whole thing smells real bad. Meanwhile you can check many other news sources to follow this story. We recomment mainstream sources like the Washington Post, The New York Times, and trusted on-line sources like the Huffington Post, Daily Kos, and so on. Try CNN also because of their widespread coverage and MSNBC because they do a good job of covering issues at all angles, including many, many former Republican reporters and even one who hosts an early evenong news and commentary show on MSNBC, specifically her name is Nicolle Wallace and she used to work at the Bush White House as well as working for the McCain Campaign.

And, I do not now have stock or any personal interest in any of the companies I just mentioned.



There is no connection between us with the exception that this site-seers catalog-is the an updated version of an older print company/paper of the same name, which I wrote for many years ago. Politics, of course. Also look vor some improvements in this site, which will happen gradually as we find time and money to improve. Also there is never a charge here.

Mean while-to your continued good health! Stay safe and stay healthy.

The Original Virgin Suicides

when you read this, think of the talk all about veterans suicide rates (about double of non-veterans) and you will find the reason. Just the reason not the answer to how to end it.


Here’s an anecdote that is chilling and a bit upsetting. CW: it contains misogyny as well as reference to suicide clusters. In general, this reminded me of the suicide clusters in Silicon Valley discussed widely a few years ago. But–and I think this is more important–it also points to groups of suicide as an attempt to wrest agency in response to desperation, a lack of agency, and marginalization.

Aulus Gellius, Varia Historia 15.10

“In his first of the books On the Soul, Plutarch included the following tale when he was commenting on maladies which afflict human minds. He said that there were maiden girls of Milesian families who at a certain time suddenly and without almost any clear reason made a plan to die and that many killed themselves by hanging.

When this became more common in following days and there was no treatment to be found…

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Prior to the fall of the Soviet Union, when people were protesting against the war in Vietnam, all of the “hardats” and the old WW2 and Korean war vets were out there to bash heads and call them commies and worse. There were near wars between the “Hippies” and the so called patriotic Americans, union men many of them, who called the others traitors?

Fast forward to the Obama administration and Health Care, sometimes called Obama Care, formally known as the Affordable Care Act. People were reacting, in fact over reacting, holding up signs saying stupid stuff like “keep the government out of healthcare-leave my medicare alone!” Apparently they were under the impression that Medicare was a private insurance plan. Then there were the riotous-sometimes literally-town hall meetings held by congessmen and women where the signs and screaming were accusing everyone of being either Nazis or Communists.

Now, Donald “cadet bone spurs” Trump has apprently convinced everyone that there is an impending coup to “overthrow” the Government. He is banking on the ignorance, or poor educational system, to convince everyone that Nancy Pelosi and the “Socialists” and the “Communists” would then be in charge.

Actually, of course, Vice President Pence-a conservative Republican would become President. He would then nominate a candidate to be Vice President and as long as Moscow Mitch approved, that person would become the new Vice president. and the Government would hum along as usual. No oup. No revolution. and, we hope no communists. (Of course in the case of an appointee for the Vice Presidency, both houses must concur. Right now McConnel holds a tight reign on the Senate, and likely Pelosi and the Democratic caucus would go along with a nominee).

But. Hold on here. The current resident dictator in Russia is a former Communist. An actual, real, card carrying Communist. Former KGB officer. In fact a Lieutenant Colonel in the KGB. Of course he was a Communist in name only because that is what Vladimir Putin does. Whatever is the best deal for him, he does. Since the Communist party is a shadow of it’s former self in Russia, he has become a card carrying Russian Orthodox Christian, because that is the thing to do, and it benefits him to do it, so he does. He is in fact a Nationalist and populist of the worst kind. He is a Nazi/Communist in everything but name. He is a Kleptocrat along with all of the other heavy hitters in Russia, stripping the country of its wealth banking it around the world, hiding it as best they can. In fact quite a lot of people-people who would be in the know, believe Vladimir Putin is the richest man in the entire world.

He is also, just like Hitler, focused on world domination. He does this through disinformation or, in the terminology of Trumpists everywhere, Fake News.

And the Biggest Fake News is that he is Mister Nice Guy, who would never interfere in American politics or elections.

Then why has he and his Great Worshipping Disciple Trump convinced all of those previously anti-communist Democracy for all and damn the Hippie Commie Pinko Fags to hell, fawning over the former Communist sitting in Moscow chortling at the Stupid Americans? (Heavens that was along sentence)!

Even more so, why is the former America Love It Or Leave it Republican Party fawning over Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin? Vlad is still the same old Communist. He is a dictator, slowly but surely picking away our democracy and chipping away at the Russian version of a republic.

So why is Moscow Mitch McConnel and virtually evrey Republican Congress member and Senator lining up behind the Russian (former) Communist and his acolyte Donald Trump?

Well, I guess it is because what they think is power is really hard evidence that they ar being conned, and that some of them are knowingly betraying us, their constituents as well as their country in order to stay on top. Little do they know what would happen and will happen to them if Vladimir Putin gets his way. Then it will be their day in the barrel.

To be sure, the Russian people are not evil. I have met a few, Russians, a Chechen and a Ukrainian, as well as a Georgian all of whom grew up in the Communist Dictatorship of the Soviet Union. They liked it here better. At least until Donald Trump became President.

It is the leadership of the Russian Federation that is evil and corrupt. They steal from their own people, left and right. A few ultra rich plutocratic sociopaths get richer and richer by the day (in fact with their wealth they get richer by the minute-literally) while the average people suffer and get poorer and poorer. So Putin makes an enemy of Ukraine so he can look good in the eyes of the Russians for taking back territory where people are ethnic Russian (another Hitler like ploy) and they feel all patriotic. Wonder what they will think when the next presidential election comes along in Russia. Will Putin get the Constitution changed so he can run again (his second term should be his last) or will he just say “I’m going to be president for life-we can save money by not bothering with elections”.

That is what he would like, and what Trump would like too.

So. Beware. It can happen here too. Only Moscow will be the new capital of the United States, and we will have to learn the words to a new National Anthem. Russian words, of course. I imagine it might be the Internationale.

Do not believe the idiotic claims of the Republicans. There is no takeover plot. No “Communists” hiding in the Democratic Party. If the Senate actiually did what they swore an oath to-Preserve, Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States-Vice President Pence would take over and a rational person would be sitting in the White House, not a doddering old man in the grips of dementia, obsessing over paranoid fantasies and stupid conspiracy theories while the country threatens to fall apart under the tiny hands of a fool.


Whew-what a long headline. Nonetheless here we go as briefly as possible.

First, the Magna Carta etc. First the first Magna Carta was signed or agreed in 1215 by King John of England. In essence it ecreed or was agreed to that he nor any other king had the right to rule by fiat and was not above the law. In other words he was subject to the “laws of the land” just as anyone else in England was. The Pope of the time didn’t like it and decreed it null and void but noen ot the Barons of Englnd cared because the pPope was really only worried about Papal authority over the Church. It lso said and was agreed that everyone was subjevt to the law and was also entitled to a fair trial. There would be no more executions by Royal Decree. No more taxes without consultation (sound familiar?).

There have been several reaffirmations in the succeeding centuries.

It is notable that there are 4 copies of the original Magna Carta in existence today and most notably one is in the United Sates National Archives Museum. That is how important the Magna Carta, now 304 years old, is to the United States Constitution.

No One Is Above The Law!

Any Idea where we got the idea of a Senate and A house of Representatives?

Remember the Magna Carta? The Barrons of England became in effect the first legislative body in England. Before taxes could be levied they had top agree, as well as other matters of Government. The King no longer wielded unlimited power.

Jump forwar a few hundre years, to 1707. That is when the First Parliament of the United Kingdom, in it’s current form, was instituted. In between there were other parliaments in England and in Scotland. The acts unifying the coountries came later (though Wales and Ireland were around too-don’t forget them).

For convenience sake we will now tak a hop, skip and a jumpt forward to the Constitutional Convention. The Magna Carta wss basic and essential to the formation of the Constitution. Not just the ‘no one is above the law’, but many others including the writ of habeus corpus, and of course no taxation without representation. The origianal Parliaments were nog held at regular intervals and initially it was a single house of the nobility. Soon they included a House of Burgesses which essentially was local officials. This became the 2 chamber parliament we know today. The House of Lords and the House of Commons.

We started out or almost did with a unicameral or one house Congress. Wise heads prevailed and the Senate or upper house was created, and as a compromuse each state had the same number of Senators, so no one state would have any numerical superiority over another in the upper house. For those unware the stste legoslatures appointed senators until the constitution was ammended in the 1920’s to have Senators elected by you and me .

But remember several little but very importamt things here. You, me, Senators and Members of Congress, and judges and Presidents all have to obey the law.

Amd no one, no one, is above the law. Not you. Not me. Not your Senators. Not your Congress members. No the Judges. Not the president. Is above the law.