The area of this bit of trivia is U.S. History. Specifically the Presidents and Vice-Presidents.

There has been one Vice-President in U.S. History whose number as V.P was the Same as when he succeeded to the Presidency.

Who was it?

No cheating. No Googling etc or you do not win the prize.

Only the persons who actually know this without having to refer to a book or a computer win.

The prize is the satisfaction of knowing what a whole lot of other people do not know.

And, to sweeten the pot, there are extra Smug Points awarded to those who know other facts about this person.

There are at least two points of interest in matters of international relations that occurred under his Presidency-name them (at least two, more garner even more Smug Points.

At least one National event of importance.

One other event of note, particular to Washington D.C.

One note of trivia specific to this man, which is totally unexpected in anyone who has been a President of the U.S. (This is a specific point of note. and gets double points.

Who was this President (10 Smug Points)

All others get 2 Smug Points (unless otherwise noted)

Correct answers to all questions (must be verifiable) get 10 Bonus Smug Points

Please leave answers to any or all questions in “Comments”

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