The header speaks for itself.

They are Putin us, and the rest of world, on. Or trying to. They even have some Nun, order unknown, trying to tell the world that she “knows”the Assad regime did not use the Chemical Weapons. She know this how? She says she has proof. What proof?

She has no expertise, no experience with or concerning chemical weapons. So how does she know?

And the Russians keep saying that they have “proof” that the rebels used the weapons,not the regime.

But they do not provide any of the so called “proof”to anyone. Not even the United Nations

Now they (the Russians) accuse the U.S. of being obstructionist by insisting that Article 7 of the UN charter be used. This would allow
force, if necessary, be used to enforce a UN resolution. This is a logical move. It is backed by England (UK) and France. China (we think) has so far not jumped on board, or off for that matter.

Seems to us here at SEERS Catalog that Russia is the nation being obstructionist.

President Obama is not insisting that force be used. Just that it is an option if Syria does not comply.

Russian President Putin is delaying, for what reason we do not know, other than to protect the client state (and big arms buyer) Syria.

In other words, Putin does not want peace because war is good business for Russia. The innocent people who are dying and suffering long term disability are just collateral damage and of no concern.

Come on, Mr. Putin. Cooperate and let all the parties come to the bargaining table for (undoubtedly) lengthy peace talks.

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