The president referred to in the Trivia Question is Millard Fillmore.

He was the 13th Vice President and the 13th President.

He was taught to read by his wife, so that he could read to be a lawyer.

He negotiated a settlement to resolve the “Guano War”. (Guano was a valuable asset in those days, and there was a South American island with loads of it. It was used for fertilizer. You will have to Google Guano War for ore info, s I do not recall who was involved, other than one South American country and , I think, Great Britain.

He also established the first permanent White House Library. Before that the various Presidents had their own, and when they left the Executive Mansion (as it was known until the Theodore Roosevelt Administration) so did the books. Fillmore established a permanent White House collection.

Japan was opened to international trade and diplomacy during the Fillmore Administration. The Japanese may or may not have been thrilled about this. At any rate, some Navy warships appeared one day, and they (the Japanese) decided it might be a good idea to open limited trade and diplomacy with the west. The result was Pearl Harbor and Sony. Not to speak of endless cars and electronic devices. As it turned out, though through a lot of turmoil, the relationship has been pretty good.

Fillmore reputedly turned down and honorary degree, which of course was written in Latin. He said that he did not feel he could honestly accept an honor that was “written in a language I cannot read”.

One unfortunate legacy, which was done with good intent, was the 1850 Compromise. It is unfortunate in that it did not truly deal with the issue of Slavery. It only delayed the beginning of the Civil War. That last part, however, may have been a good thing. By 1861, when the war began, we had the right people in the right places to keep the Union intact, though at a high cost.

So though you may never have heard of Millard Fillmore (and a llot of jokes are told about him), he actually accomplished quite a bit. He did not run for an additional term until later, but that was because (we believe) of a sense of humility. The accomplishments may seen very humble, but there is often greatness in humility.

(We do not know much about Present Fillmore and his presidential years because, for unknown reasons, his son burned all of President Fillmore’s papers after his death).

His last words were supposedly, (on being given some broth) “The nourishment is palatable”. I have my doubts, but then again I was not there.

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