From what I have seen on the news channels-which excludes Fox Propaganda and Wild Dreams Channel-people are really unhappy, and I do mean REAL unhappy about the shut-down.Special ire seems directed at Congress, particularly the house of representatives, and justifiably at the Republican Party and most particularly the starry eyed fools of the Tea Party.

Did i say Starry Eyed? I meant Evil Eyed.

Ever notice that evil is an anagram of vile?

Of course you have.

Thousands of Head Start children are now without that program. many of them get a good deal of their nutritional needs, as well as day care and early education, filled by that program.

Or they used too. Bet Sarah Palin’s grandchild does not go without those needs.

How about nutrition programs for seniors and the disabled (usually called Meals on Wheels). Not all programs are shut down but many are or are hurting.

I could go n and on and on. but mostly you know what is happening, or soon will as this drags on.

And the main reason is because the Tea Party and even many so called “mainstream” republicans have one problem. (I do not include the McCain faction GOP. They are the Reasonable Republicans, hereinafter known as the RR GOP.

They do not care about people. The do not want real people to have health care at affordable prices. They are the Rush Limbaugh stream (aka the Crush Real Americans Party). Members include Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin, and Ted Cruz, as well as the so called Libertarian, Rand Paul.

These are the people who not onlky do not care if you and yours have health care, they are the ones who want to shut down, totally, school lunch programs. They would, if possible, shut down the Food Stamp program, now known as SNAP.

They would disenfranchise many minorities, elderly and young people. Essentially they would like to roll back and totally disable the Civil Right s Legislation enacted through the 1960’s.

They would impoverish untold millions of already struggling disabled veterans, elderly and disabled adults and children by enacting chained cpi legislation (which is a blog entry all it’s own,because it is complicated). That chained CPI, incidentally would also raise everyone’s tax rate.

But the point is that they do it because they not merely dislike the American People, but they think they bare better than us. And they hate, truly hate, the idea that there is a black man in the White House.

They set out years ago, and did so publicly and vociferously, to first unseat President Obama and, when that failed, to totally obstruct
everything he tried to do. Especially those things that are good for the American People.

The Tea Party faction however is losing.

the anger is palpable, and much of that is directed specifically at the Tea Party and it’s ilk.

Send a message, literally send a message, be it e-mail or a post card (I suggest both) to your congressional representative.

Enough is enough. Get back to business. Get a budget. Raise the debt limit.


Vote for someone else.

Even if you feel your congressman or woman is doing a good job, vote for someone else. Doesn’t even have to be in the other party. Thats why there are Primary Elections in most states. So you can select who you want to vote for in your own party.

And then, after telling your congressman you are going to do it, then do it.

Lets send an entire ne slate of Congressmen and Congresswomen to Washington. In the 2014 election vote for someone else. Anyone else. (And be sure and let them know you can and will do it again if needed)

Sure, we will have hundreds of new Representatives wandering the halls of the Capitol for weeks on end, doing nothing but looking confused. Enacting no legislation and probably looking like a bunch of buffoons.

But who cares? that is exactly what we have now.

But whatever you do, p;ease let them know you are not going to put up with their self righteous and self serving foolishness and uncaring smugness.


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