Was given a list of stuff to get from (store name deleted but it was not Wal Mart) and one of the items was Orville Redenbacher’s Pop Corn.

If Orville makes pop-corn what does Mrs Redenbacher do? And what is her actual name?

Did she make Mom-Corn? And if so, was it flavored? What flavors?

It stands to reason that if Mr. Redenbacher made chili flavored, then Mrs. Redenbacher must have broccoli flavored.

Of course she probably also made the cherry pie flavor, as well as the fried chicken, etc etc.

Full disclosureP: I have nothing whatsoever to do with Orville Redenbacher brand pop-corn.

The first Mrs. Redenbacher was named Corinne. She died in 1971. Orville later marred Nina.

To the best of our research, neither Mrs Redenbacher made pop-corn.

But they should have. And they should have called it mom-corn

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