This is a link to a New York Times article detailing a conspiracy-yes I did say conspiracy-to screw us, the American People, out of health care and jobs, as well as getting grandma and grandpa poorer than they are today by cutting Social Security benefits. That cut, by the way would also increase the tax rate of everyone. ( That nasty old chained CPI again).

At any rate the link below (or go to the times site and enter Government Shutdown and or Koch Brothers. Ed Meese is behind some of it also. And they haver been planning it for months. That spells conspiracy (or at least collusion) to me

In short a few really conservative people who don’t give a damn about you, me or anyone other than themselves.

Read the article. It is an eye opener. And if you don’t know who the Koch Brothers are, they are two guys doing tyheir best to control the United States by non-Constitutional means. They funded, heavily, Romney. With that kind of money behind him, it is no wonder he had no concession speech ready. He figured “enough money behind me will push me into the White House”.

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