The following is a paraphrase of a message I found in a blog:
‘This is what the message of the Blessed Mother is all about. It is about the end of the world. It is about the end of humanity–not so much in an apocalyptic way (although I wouldn’t rule that out) but the end of the world and the end of humanity because we are destroying ourselves. We are destroying families through contraception, sterilization, abortion and divorce. We are destroying our power through pornography, promiscuity, lust and rage. We are destroying our society through greed, materialism, disregard for the poor, trampling the widows, orphans, homeless and hungry. We are destroying ourselves.’

Now if you want, you can pay attention to, or not the phrase about the message of our blessed mother. That is up to you, but look at the rest of it, especially the part about “greed, materialism (how many hungry children can eat for what you aid for that iPhone? And then there is the contract, and so on), disregard for the poor (even in this country there are people who can afford only corn meal for food, and then that is not assured for every day) and homeless and hungry.

And pay the closest attention to that. last sentence. If you are interested, or even if you are turned off because it is “religious” I urge you to follow the link below. It is interesting, makes good points and really won’t hurt you to read it.
When you are done, turn to recent stories from the news regarding global climate change. That will destroy us too, and sooner than you think!

So, might want to get your affairs in order, even if slowly, because humanity seems to be on a downward trend. Adios Muchacho’s!!

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