Origin of the Jack-O-Lantern

Like all responsible adults, we have long wondered about the origin of the Jack-O-Lantern.

We already knew that it was a celtic, or Irish-Scottish-welsh origin, going way, way, way back to whenever. Probably before St Patrick threw all the snakes out of Ireland. Actually we figure the snakes were scared off by the Banshee and/or the Little People (aka:Leprechauns) who threatened to eat them in snake stew.

At any rate, back to Jack (you don’t know him and as will become clear you do not want to).

So this dude named jack died and went to Hell. He was a bad-ass to the max. So much so that the Devil kicked him out of Hell.

So that there was no danger of Jack getting lost in the Stygian darkness on his way back up to the Land O’ The Living, he gave Jack one of the embers that Hell is so lavishly equipped with.

But Jack, complainer in chief, said the ember was too hot and he needed something to carry it in. So the Devil gave him a turnip(I knew thats where turnips came from, all along).

Jack hollowed it out and used it as a light source to find his way back up with the rest of us.

“Say What?”you exclaim. “No Pumpkin?”

No. Remember this is a Celtic story, and back then they had no pumpkins, and apparently found better uses for turnips than eating them.

Flash forward for a few years (quite a few in fact) and across an Ocean called the Atlantic. New World. New Veggies.

Pumpkins grew prolifically, and exclusively, at the time, in the New World of North America.

Voila! We don’t have to grow (and eat) a bunch of turnips! We have pumpkins, much easier to hollow out than a turnip. And when it’s all over, there are many left over with which to make Pumpkin Pie. Way better than turnip pie.

And of course pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks

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