(Deep sigh).

What more can I say?

Other than the fact that I am no computer whiz myself (note the fact that this site has not been updated in a while-but please be patient), I think people who are actually paid to do this type of thing, and fail miserably, should be pilloried.

I mean the actual people, not those who hired them. This is a case of people who passed themselves off as experts and were not, to do a job they were not able to do, d for a constituency that also expected them to do the job and failing to do it.

So. The computer experts flim-flammed the government agencies and the American people. They should be put out in stocks (the old fashioned type where they can be pelted with rotten produce for a few hours and generally humiliated for a few hours, them put back to work and told “get a website up and running or we do it again”.

Don’t blame the President or the HSD Secretary. Blame the people who contracted to have the site going and failed.

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