First and foremost, this posting is not to discuss abortion or contraception. It is even worse: it is to discuss religion and , peripherally, women’s place and contribution to religion. Also it is a bit about Obamacare.

To set the stage, Hobby Lobby is suing to be exempted from providing contraceptive services under Obamacare. It is, to the best of my knowledge, the only for profit, non-Catholic business to do so.

Which made me wonder: How many women (and here I mean the day-to-day, out in the field workforce) are women.

Before I go further there is another blogger on WordPress who has pointed out that, for a mere $1 any worker, male or female, can get a plan that doesn’t cover family planning (birth control).

So being “forced” to buy a plan is a non-starter, it would seem.

It really looks like Hobby Lobby may actually be going back to the old view found in some parts of the Bible (misattributed to Paul) that women should be seen and not heard. I say misattributed because there is some evidence that this was added some years after his death. And aside from that, the whole epistle had to do with prophesying during worship. It had nothing to do with everyday life, or the place of women in everyday life. (Incidentally, this is where the admonition against false prophets comes from, also). At any rate it is in 1 Corinthians.

Try 1 Corinthians, 11. just read the whole thing through, you can’t miss the part I mean.

Then ask yourself if this is about religion or about certain religious practices whereby men are dominant over women.

And do not forget that any individual can opt out of a plan that has birth control as part of it for a mere 1 dollar a month. That is 12 dollars a year. or just ignore that part of the plan and don’t use it.

I believe the nly religious freedom here is gender opression.

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