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Seems people are lusting after my blog, but that simply will not do.

At all.

SEERS Catalog will always be independent and quite simply wide ranging in it’s content.

Late;y there has been a lot going on in the orld. Trump bellowing like an angry ass.

Carson mewling like a foolish, drugged ass.

Fiorina is on some sort of acid trip, hallucinating still and trumpeting non-existent success as a background for yet another failure-this time as a presidential candidate.

And then there is Jeb! Shouldn’t that read Jeb?

Then we have have Cruz, who seems to be on Cruz control behind Trump, hoping that the Donald will do something stupid sooner rather than later, so that Ted Cruz can take up the banner, and the money he hopes will be in Donnie’s trail. Of course Teddy was at a convention of homophobic hate mongers this last weekend, which may put him in the slow lane along with Jindal, then perhaps the break-down lane with Walker et al.

Which leaves us with Rubio. Don’t know what to do with a Senator wgo doesn’t know how to do his job, but right at the moment he looks like the GOP best bet. Personally I would like to see a Jeb? v. Clinton. She would eat him alive.

If it is Hillary vs Marco, I predict that early on he will look good and seem to give her a run for her money, but will then falter and show his inexperience on the world stage and his still bumbling, stumbling youth (politcally).

But I personally feel the GOP leadership should go ahead and Pamper him. There is always Election2024.

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