Sorry, but had to say it. It was after all the mantra of social change in the 1960’s, and is just as relevant now.

Just don’ use real matches or molotov cocktails. Literal destruction is not the point. It is the figurative that has meaning.

This time the matches and bombs have to be votes.

So be sure you are registered. Vote early if you need to. Help out by giving rides to people who need then to get to their polling place, then take them home.

See that big guy over there, with the funny hair? That is the RMS (Real Massive S**t) Donald J Trump.

We are the iceberg. and just remember the iceberg won.

Once we figure out what the GOP elephant (poor abused creature) will do, our next task will be to see to it that only democrats, independent Democratic Socialists and centrist or left leaning Republicans are elected. And never ever forget the state legislative races! They are important too.

Good Luck Tomorrow Bernie!

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