Trump guilty of Animal Cruelty?

As pointed out in my post of a minute or so ago, the GOP is Whiging Out.

Not since the gestation of the Republican Party has there been the break-up of a major political party. To whit: the Whig party. The last Whig president was Millard Fillmore and he ran for another term, after refusing to run for a succeeding term when he replaced the deceased 12th president, good old Zach Taylor. Fillmore did not get nominated for another term by the Whigs, but was drafted to run again (while out of the country) in 1852 by the Know Nothing party (Native American Party). They called themselves that because they were strongly, perhaps virulently, anti-immigrant and anti-Catholic.

The reason the whig party broke up is pretty topical. Absolute, total fracturing within the party, mainly over the issue of slavery. But there were other issues, mainly in that the Whig’s were pro business and paid little heed to the needs of the common man, mostly farmers in the 19th century. In other words Big Business and ignore the dirt farmer and the shop clerks in the big city.

Donnie’s sin is that no one in the GOP wants him as president. They are pretty much afraid that all of his foolishness about walls and anti-Muslim Know-Nothingess will cost them everything. The House of Representatives, the Senate and the White House. And frankly it probably would. Not to speak of all of the State Legislatures they now control. They can’t lose those because then the Democrats come back and repeal all of the anti=voting rights laws that the Republicans have been using to try and make this a one party system-
Republican, and preferably white working class and rich class (no middle ground here).

Right now, the day before Super Tuesday they are in a panic. So much so that there is now talk of a third party candidate. And according to the experts, they have to decide within about two weeks to do that- no waiting until the convention in July.

Apparently there is a Constitution Party they could use to get on the ballot in enough states to have a viable third party candidate. Apparently they could choose a sacrificial lamb.

And all of this is caused by a businessman who talks about how successful he is (I would be too if I had (a) inherited millions of dollars; (b) bilked thousands of people out of their savings by making promises he never intended to fulfill and rewarded then with a photo of them posing with a cardboard cutout of him and (c) when he ran out of money borrowed first 10 million then 20 million dollars from his siblings. I don’t know if he paid them back.

Oh yes. During one of the bankruptcy proceedings he had to be put on an allowance. Personal allowance. And, despite his assertions that big companies file for chapter 11 bankruptcy “all the time” the facts belie that. In the last three decades, according to CNN Money,
fewer than 20 percent of public companies with assets of $1 billion or more, have filed. Those statsd come from and S&P Capital IQ.

More recently, like over the weekend, ilDuceDonald screwed the pooch several times. Doesn’t know David Duke? He mentioned him in an appearance on the today show three years ago. And the KKK? Those initials are foreign to him? prevaricated and see=sawed on that, too.

But the best was the tweet quoting Mussolini. That was a set up. That specific one went out via a bot and Donald got suckered and re- tweeted it. And the tag on the original tweet that he re-tweeted?

#ilDuce2016. How obvious can you get. But he didn’t notice.

Appears that fancy education at military school and so on didn’t do much good if he didn;’t know il Duce was ther title Mussolini went by. Suppose he likes Der Fuhrer, too?

No wonder the Republican party is coming apart at the seams. Some candidates want to ride his coat tails while the other (smarter maybe) are abandoning that ship like fleas on the backs of the rats heading for the USS Constitution Party.

Meanwhile that poor GOP Elephant is just being torn to bits. All because of a narcissist with bad hair and no idea of how to run a country.

Final notes: 1) that famous scowl. Probably copied from General Patton. He had such a squeaky, high pitched voice that he figured the troops would not take him seriously. So he developed his trademark scowl, which he practiced in front of a mirror. He called it his “war Face” or “War Scowl” and put it on when needed.
2) He hates the press, in an form so much that he has from the very beginning penned them off, usually in the middle of the crowd of his supporters. This is obviously meant to intimidate them. Don’t try to intimidate the Fourth Estate Mr. Trump. They will take revenge. There is undoubtedly lots of dirt to dig up.
3) Do we really want him sitting across from Vladimir Putin ? Ever? If that ever happens I hiope it is a direct hit where I am. Don’t much savor the idea of a slow death from radiation poisoning.

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