Why is it that Trump insists on only talking about two Republicans? Abraham Lincoln and RINO Donald Trump.

Frankly, I believe Honest Abe ought to come back and sue Drumpf for the comparison. After all, the man has been assassinated once already and he shouldn’t have to put up with Drumph’s character assassination.

And there are other republicans-perhaps not recently,but historically, who are worthy of Mount Rushmore. Like Theodore Roosevelt. Or does the name throw him and he assumes anyone named Roosevelt is a Democrat. and he really should bring up T.R., if only to please me. After all my first name is Theodore and my cat is named Rosie-as in Roosevelt.

Besides there have been s few other good republicans out there. Eisenhower (there is a movement out there that mistrusts Eisenhower because of the stuff done when he was the Commander in Chief during the opening shots of the cold war-which was a real war, but unlike any we had fought before, so we were getting our sea legs and, inevitably, doing some questionable things.

However a while back I read a book about the Dulles brothers and their machinations around the world. Unfortunately the book was largely revisionist, painting such quality leaders as Sukarno and Suharto of Indonesia, Ho Chi Minh, Nasser and many more as poor little honest nation builders who wanted nothing more than to build their country their way.

Thats where the revision comes in. To keep this short, Nasser was nothing more than a modern day Pharaoh who planned from the beginning to run an authoritarian government. He was just looking for the best deal. He got it from the USSR. Indonesian leaders who played footsie with both sides and finally sided with the U.S. because that was the best deal. Good idea as we already had treaties and big military presence in the Philippines and Japan, as well as South Korea. Vietnam was a fiasco from the start. Ho was basically a Nationalist. He had no interest in the Com-inform (formerly the Comintern, with the job of creating workers paradises throughout the world and running them from Moscow. Moscow should have learned from Tito and Mao that this was not a popular idea. In Europe it was hard to tell who was in charge in Italy from one day to the next, and there were lots of communist and socialist parties. Spain had the fascist/Nationalist Franco and somebody else was in Portugal, but more or less on our side.

So. Who the hell was on our side and who wasn’t and was the Soviet Union crazy enough to go to war, with Nuclear Bomb against the U.S. and Britain and France? Well nobody really knew so they started stumbling around tripping over everyones spies, trying to figure out a complex and terrifying situation before it got out of hand.

So go write a book about how Eisenhower wasn’t all that nice, and the Dulles brothers were rich kid playing a dangerous game, forgetting the other side was doing exactly the same game and that it was very dangerous and boy did we ever get close to being vaporized!

So, Mr Drumph, if you want to look and act presidential recall that there are many out there that have been and will always be greater than you.

First thing though. Get your head out of your ass. It is undignified. Second, realize you aren’t half as smart as Barack Obama. After all he got elected without the splash, artificial class and low brow bombast you display. And his wife looks just as great as yours does.

Third, realize that you really are a liar. Not just an exaggerator, a liar. All that meat you presented as yours was from the Bush Brother (kind of apt, isn’t it) and Trump water? thats from some private company that bottles water and will then plaster your-or anyones-name on it. They do weddings, mortuarys, banks, Drumph Towers. Hell If my wad was wort it they would put my kisser on the bottle.

Trump Air” didn’t you say you made a little money when you sold it? How about you couldn’t \,make a go of it and the banks that loaned you millions (yes, you put in 20 million, but they put in something like 380 million dollars) The fact is the banks called in their chips and the planes and etc went for bargain basement prices. I don’t see the actual final numbers but it looks like you took a loss on that, not a profit. After all when you are operating at a loss and the banks call in their loans, you lose. And from all reports it certainly sounded asd if you had not the vaguest idea of how to run an airline.

So I ask you: What in the hell makes you think you can run a very complex country when you cant even run most businesses, including a puddle jumper commuter airline?

I suggest you go somewhere with a couple of bottles of Trump Vodka and think this over.

And by the way, Mount Rushmore is not for sale and doesn’t have room for your oversized head.

All you can do is look. And leave Mrt Lincoln alone!

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