In this evenings Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC, Rachel was showing bits from the 1964 Republican convention when (Horrors) Goldwater was nominated. He didn’t seem to believe anything moderate was any good, and if it was even tilting slightly to the left of moderate it was demonical.

At any rate, she cut to the very famous commercial of a little girl plucking petals from a daisy as the camera moved closed, closer and closer to her eye and you could see the mushroom clouds devastating that little girls world.

Then there was another kind of odd one in which the whole east coast of the U.S lower 48 was sawn off and floated away. I guess it had something to do with Senator Goldwater’s dismissiveness of the Eastern Elite.

The third entry had a gentleman sitting in a chair telling us he was a republican but didn’t want to vote for Goldwater (I am paraphrasing there)

During the lead in for that last one she said it was a ommercial that “Johnson ran against Trump…I mean Goldwater.
Now that is a freudian slip if I ever heard one And a heck of a good one at that!

If I made any errors in this one, I will correct them. I started to DVR it, but a previous recording started and messed it up, so I have to wait for the next rebroadcast.

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