Donald needs to learn the difference between Communism and Socialism.

First, everyone knows, or has at least heard of, the Dictatorship of the Proletariat. However what that means is usually not known, mainly because, unless you have a college level course-at least a introductory course-in Political Science, it has never been explained to you.

First, What is the Proletariat?,

Well, generally speaking it is you and me. The people who work or are at least not the bourgeoisie, or the middle class and upper classes in addition to the Oligarchy (where applicable). It is the burger flippers, the nurses, the working class. Even the small business owner (I use this in the term of a veery small business, usually one where it it is a mom and pop organization, maybe the son and daughter, too. No other employees. Thinking another level, the Bourgoise is not your supervisor at the Big Box Store where you work, it is the Big Boss in Arkansas.

Now to the Dictatorship of the Proletariat.

That means some jerk(s) are elected to a bureaucratic party and a few of them tell the rest of us what to do on pain of death or banishment to work camp.

Nope. The Dictatorship of the Proletariat means the Proletariat governs by means of a it commune, like the Paris Commune which governed (sort of) by a Reign of Terror from March to May of 1871, Very successful. They “governed” for a total of 71 days.
But we have to be more specific. They governed not on a parliamentary style whereby someone is voted into office for a specified term. No. They were voted in until they were voted out. And could be voted out by decapitation. In theory the main commune was elected or de-elected by members of smaller communes who sent a delegate, who could be overthrown by vote at any time.

So The dictatorship of the proletariat means that any one of us non-bourgeois could be elected to govern along with another commune until we got recalled. For a day, a month or whatever. How efficient. No wonder it lasted so long.

That isn’t how communism works, even though it looks sort of like Marx and Engels borrowed the name. In brief, that is pretty much correct. Communis means of or for the community, and isme is an abstraction defining a state or cummunity.
of communalism.

So Donald Trump is the Bourgeois, (of an oligarchic nature) and the majority of his supporters ore the proletariat. If they understood communism, and really think Bernie Sanders is a communist, they would switch allegiances so fast it would make the Drumps bad hair head spin so they could get a share of his Billions Of Dollars. Because that is what Communism means.

Sort of. hat it really means is that everyone would in fact have a share in the production and wealth would be redistributed. Like Donny Boys Billions. But Donny Boy would still haver a job, it would just be at the same rate of pay as everyone else. So it it were on an hourly basis (for example only) Donny could work at whatever, say a bell-boy at a communally owned Trump Resort, or as the manager at the same resort. Both would receive the same compensation. If Donny the bellman worked longer than donny the manager he would earn a little more, and vice versa. Just like now, if John and Jane work at the same dull drab job in the dull drab big box store at $10.00 per hour, whichever of them works 41 hours is going to make a little more than the one who works 40 hours.

Point being everyone makes the same amount. President or Prole. (For definition of Prole, see the book 1984). By the way, 1984 is a great place to see how a real dictatorship like that would work out.

Now comes the OMG!!! moment.

The dictatorship of the proletariat is only a transitional state. True Communism comes later.

You see, the Proletarian dictatorship is very inefficient and would quickly sink into chaos. Like the Paris Commune. Which also was not egalitarian. as such a movement was supposed to be.

This was supposed to be a temporary governing model to be “in charge” while the rest of the real, long term system was put in place to run things. Think of it, would you really want Joe the Plumber as the guy in charge of the Public Safety Directorate? What does he know about policing? or the Ministry of justice is run by a committee of bakers and factory workers and mechanics? Wouldn’t it be better if they stuck to baking and fixing cars?

And who is going to be on the vast numbers of committees that is actually setting up the permanent government? We all know from experience how decision by committee works!

Now of course it could be done the same way se set up this country: people were elected to colonial or state legislative bodies. When it came time they selected people to go and run the Revolutionary Government (boy golly gee-that worked great. The Army was fed and paid on time, they had plenty of blankets and ammuni-oh, wait. That wasn’t this country. never mind).

OK skip forward to Constitutional Convention. State Legislatures selected delegates and sent them to form other communes and committees and after lots of debate and wheeling and dealing it happened.

But a dictatorship of the proletariat doesn’t work that easily. Remember, anyone elected to do anything can be recalled at any time. If this country had started out that way, we not only would not have a bill of rights, we would not have the constitution we have now.

Yo Habla Espanol? Know the words to God Save the Queen? O Canada? Or maybe we would be a whole mess (and I do mean mess) if sovereign countries, at war with one another or colonies of various other countries. Would California and Hawaii be part of China? Alaska and al;ll of that oil and natural gas would be Russian. In fact, considering the Russian revolution and given that scenario, so would the rest of this country, and maybe Canada, too.


Anyway a guy named Bukanin had different ideas, as did Marx and Engles.

(Full disclosure: I was a Political Science/History dual major in college, but did not finish due to lack of money.
I have read -more than once- the Communist Manifesto, but never go beyond the first couple of pages of Das Kapital, or “Capital” in English. Actually I got quite a lot further in War And Peace before I called for an Armistice. My interests in Political Science slowly pivoted towards International Relations, to some extent because of the mind-boggling and at times incomprehensible in’s and out’s of Communism. That is an area of specialization all it’s own.)

To be fair not all communist governments are dictatorships. Three communist led state governments in India exist, there is (or was) one in San Marino which is a Republic, and Nepal’s current ruling party is communist. But, every other Communist Government in the world is a dictatorship. “dictatorship”, even though of the proletariat which is supposed to be temporary, is an important part of the Maniifesto. My recollection is that at no point does it say “oh yeah, once pure communal socialism is established the dictatorship ends.” And In Communist countries the Party has all of the power. The Government is subserviant. For instance, did you know the Peoples Liberation Army-including air forces and Naval Forces, is answerable to the Chinese Communisdt Party? Not the Government. The Party.

And that is why Democratic Socialism is not communism.

Don’t believe it? Look around. Social Security. Established by FDR in the 1930’s, expanded by Truman in the 1940’s and 1950’s, Expanded further by Eisenhower (Yes! Republican Grandpa Dwight D Eisenhower? in the 1950’s.
Disability welfare programs? 1950’s, Eisenhower. Mr stability and anti-Communist. JFK. Civil Rights, and early movements to expand Social Security. LBJ. Medicare. Medicare has been expanded one way or another ever since.
How about welfar reform and Newt Gingrich and his Contract on America? Bad news folks.. Most of that merely dealt with how disability benefits were administered. Instead of 50 programs funded trough the Social Security administration, it was all administered directly through the Social Security Admin. with the exception of food stamps, which goes back to FDR and was actually focused on Farmers. It meant people ad the ability to get agricultural products, which in turn meant farmers who would otherwise have no market, had a market. Two birds, one stone.

And on , and on and on and so forth and so on. Medicare. all sorts of tax rebates. The list is endless.

All of it are democratic socialist programs. In other words we already have a Democratic Socialist form of government. Bernie Sanders just wants to make our country more equitable to everyone. College tuition (not all college expenses) would be free. Not to private schools either. Colleges like community colleges and state colleges, which are already supported by taxes. Benefits like sick leave. Not everyone has it. Or Daycare. Family leave. Much much more.

There are countries in what many Americans think of as third world that have these benefits.

Living wages, guaranteed. It will not make small, or large, business go broke. More money in your pocket. You spend it on consumer goods. They benefit.

I could (and already have) go on and on. You all will benefit. But it Trump is elected, who benefits? He does. As do all of the wealthy. You will be working the same dull job at Drab-Mart for the same pitiful wage, with no health benefits because he will not correct the law rthat the GOP forced down our throats.

The list of benefits you will forfeit or never get is also endless.

But Donny Boy will be happy because he will have another trophy to install in his mansion. Right there along with his current trophy wife.

Thats all for today. Stay tuned for more lessons on Socialism as well as Trump Dictatorship. and please exuse mis-spellings that neither I nor Spell Check . Especially Russian names.

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