And if you believe there is “Just one more thing” I have an old raincoat to sell you.

That poor old general probably didn’t suffer much Communism, as espoused by Hegel (essential father of it), Marx, Engels, Lenin Bakunin and everybody else, is that there an be no religion. Religion was their enemy. Partly because they had their own noses stuck up in the air that they could see anything but the clouds, and partly because they were afraid of it.

Communism had to be it’s own religion. Perish the idea that any ideas or instructions could be coming from anywhere other than the Central Committee, the presidium or the chairman. It just couldn’t be. That would go against the religion of Communism and cult/Religion of the Leader.

`Lenin was a leader-cult of personality. Stalin took it even further. Mau was even more successful and his cult -as well as his mummified body-is still in a sanctuary like temple in Tianmin square, and his cult still holds sway. His name still engenders fear on occasion.
If they had been smart they would have engaged with the religious authorities and gotten the peasantry on their side early on.

North Korea, which started out as Communist buty gradually dropped the joke and became a full fledged cult of personality-leader worship. The scary thing is that the “leader” seems to think her really is some sort of god or supreme being or messiah. He cold bloodly takes senior generals out and ties them to a post then gets into the gunners seat of an anti-aircraft gun and turns him unto little more than a mist of blood and tiny bits of tissue. And he did it personally. I am not sure if he used 40 mm cannon (proably not as the shells need something to set off the explosions or a gattling gun. Those things-called mini guns spew out 6600 rounds per minute. That is 110 rounds per second, of 7.62 mm ammunition. That is the stuff that is supposed to (if it hits a soft target, like human flesh) put a little hole in front and a great big hole in back, or wherever it comes out.

That poor old general probably didn’t suffer too much (exceept in the lead up to the execution) because just a twitch of the ol’ finger obn the trigger would send an awful lot of bullets your way). Regardless if the old Magnificent leader or whatever dumb name they call him chose the 20 Cal. 40cal or 7.62 cal ammo is beside the point. He took his closest advisor out to a field and shredded him with apparent glee, because of course he is the leader, the God-like.

The General in question was merely his uncle.

Now. Where do we think that pesky little ol’ North Korean submarine might be?

Sorry about lack of spell check-computer is overheating and have to shut it down.



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