Ithin just the last few minutes Donald has struck again. According to him Mexico is the :hardest place in the world to beome a citizen “Whereas here,” according to him,”you just drop a baby and bam you’re a citizen”.

Well, as usual he got it wrong. Baby is a citizen, but not mon. Unless of course she was born in Des Moines, in which case what the heck is the problem.

A bit before that he said, over and over and for the unpteenth something time during his road show that he does “not take donations.”

Go to his wep page and there is a “Donate” button.

He may not solicit donations the same way other candidates do, but he will accept donations from John and jane Doe, no problem. I don’t have up to date numbers but Politifacts.org most likely has the most up-tp-date possible amounts and it will be in the million(s) dollar plus category.

By the way, that is a very reliable source for checking candidates “facts” for accuracy.

Another Howler.

According to Trump the U.S “protects” South Korea “for free.

In 2008, South Korea paid $ Million to offset costs. That is for around 28,000 U.S. military personnel And south Korea protects itseld with over half-a-million of it’s own regular troops as well as several hundred thousand reserves. The United States has a direct stake in regional Security, and those 28,000 U.S troops are a bargain. And we shouldn’t forget that many Korean Marines fought in Vietnam alongside U.S and other allied troops (like from Australia and the Phillippines.)

Which goes to another fallacy that I am surprised he has yet to pick up on, but whih is dear to thre hearts of many Americans, and that s that the U.S. “gives” billions of dollars in military aid to Saudi Arabia.

While it is true that Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest net importers of arms in the world (it is either third or fourth) they actually buy that equipment.. No one gives it to them. They have a lot of money, you see, so they buy it. Which helps the econimies of a lot of other countries, like Swden, France, the U.K and of cours ethe U.S, all of whom export military equipment. In fact Saudi Arabia buys military gear, or at least provides money for it, to some of it’s less wealthy neighbors.

As to Israel, we doindeed subsidize Israeli defense, but itis through the IMF. This has helped Israelbuild it’s own very robust defense industry. We will be repaid at some time in the future, assuming we have one. If you do not want a future, vote Trump.

There is one caveat-the U.S. Congress has authorized deployment of some advanced systems to Israel that may not go to other countries. But we can assume this is paid for, even if not directly. After all we have other reasons other than financial to keep relative stability in many regions around the world. Right now we are merely trying to keep the violence from spreading even further.

Right now I have to get back to “The Trump Show” to see the finale.

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