So now Trump wants to ratchet down NATO involvement by U.S.

Does he realize that the United States, as the prime Superpower in the entire World-yes capitalized World-guarantee stability simply because of the size of our military, the deployments around the world and, most important, the sense of security this actually provides to people and governments and markets world-wide?

Is he f***ing fool?

And his statement about “giving” oil rich Saudia Arabia is outright fals.

The United States does not “give” Saudi Arabia anything.

It sells them a lot, but it does not give it to them.

We sell it to them!

Thats right. Total figures (that is recent nes) are a little hard to find, and there is no way we can find to tell how much they get from other countries.

But here goes: in 2012 the U.S did indeed give Saudi Arabia aid. Yes, gie.

Nine thousand dollars. Thats right. $9000.00

Some older figures indicate that the Saudi’s spent 39.6 Billion Dollars ($39,600,000,000.00) through the Pentagon and an additional 39.4 million dollars ($39,400,000.00) through the State Derpartment.

That is money the Saudis paid out, they did not get it free from us.

So all of these myths about how much money we are throwing around are a heck of a lot mor complicated than just spewing lies qabout all of the money we “give” other countries.

The way he insults wide swathes of americans is the subject of another article.

But before ifinishing mright now, thes myths about how much taxpayer money is being “given away” to other countries is older than I am..

And wath this space to learn how Trump may actually be using this chaos to make money for himself.

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