What in the heck is GWOT????

For those who forgot it is the Global War On Terror, given that unfortunate name by the Bush Administration. More recently it has been given a more logical moniker. Something along the lines of Fight Against Radical Terrorism. You can,t have a war without an observable, identifiable enemy. Preferably one with a uniform Then there is the fact that in this case, the bad guys are killing an awful lot of their own people, or at least the people they claim to be their own.

The thing is, over the past couple of hundred years, especially the last 160 years, their have been various times when there have been groups that we would call terrorists, because that is what they were. Often they were, and still are, called Anarchists. There have been other names also, like Revolutionary Socialists, or This-ites or That-
ites. The point being there have been many times, over many years when it seemed as if the whole world was coming unglued and people were being assassinated by the Bader-Meinhoff gang or the Red Army (which morphed into the Green Party which itself morphed into the Who Cares Party. These groups sometimes had controllers like the Soviet Union (look at your History books, those born anytime after about 1985.) Others were just people following some sort of movement or promoted by someone else, while yet others were being financed and controlled, often without their knowledge, by the various secret police of various countries. The Balkans had favorites, and WW I was started by a Secret Police chief providing money to a group of Anarchists who thought they would change the world by killing the Austro-Hungarian Crown Prince. They were right.

However, the movements, the Anarchic terrorist organizations always petered out or over run by other events, like the fall of the Soviet Union.

But the one thing that was common to the failure of those movements was-they were outsmarted. And they were outsmarted by the other guys garnering information against them and breaking up the organizations (in the case of WW I things got a little out of control, but that was because the Serbian Secret Police Chief was behind it, without the knowledge of the Serbian Government, in other words he was also a terrorist). But they all came to an end. Life went back to normal after a few years.

Now then. We have all kinds of ways we can carry our lives around in our pockets, on devices called smart phones. Certain agencies want access to some of these encryption systems. The owners of the patented encryption systems say oh no, it’s a privacy matter.

When a family member is killed or maimed by a person whose actions may have been prevented by the FBI or NSA or whoever having access to that encryption, which may (or may not) have prevented a killing or a number of them, I want you to think about how much that privacy cost that dead person, and how little it would cost you, or anyone else, to give it up for a while.

True it may be years. But in time this particular fight will come to an end, and then you can have all that privacy back so your spouse won’t find the private e-mails between you and your lover(s).

Can’t Apple give up a little to gain a lot> Especially a lot of lives. And keep in mind, if this current fight gets us and other countries back into a war zone, with real bombs and bullets, that might be preventable if people will give up a little for the common good.

Full Diaclosure: I am writing this on an Apple device.

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