Tis Trumps next most common rallying cry: Its time to get tough”!

Just 2what does he mean?

HJas the Don ever been on the receiving end of a bomb? When he was in that “Military Type” prep school, what aout it was “Military Type”?

The uniforms?

Bet he never participated in a live fire exercise. (That’s where, in one iteration, someone is firing a machine gun, using real bullets, over your head. There are variations, often there are explosions, tear gas, things like that. More often than not these take place at night so all you see is the tracer fire going over your head.)

Probably, he necer did. If he had he probably would have jumped up to yell “Close the Borders”. Only he would not have had time to get out more than “Clo…”.

What, pray tell, is he going to do when there is a Category 5 hurricane headed for Miami? Close the borders?

Tornado super cells headed for Chicago? Get Tough? With who? NOAA?

Then of course there is the wall. That’ll teach ’em! You got mean and we build a wall! Take that, you ‘ol meanies1

Oh, one last thing Mr. T. Don’r forget there is a border on the North side, too.

He’ll probably make Canada pay for that. Don t forget the Alaska part.

Sinch Trump and Cruz both seem to think torture is OK, I have a suggestion.

Make terror suspects listen to speeches by Sarah Palin. If that horrible schreeching voice dosen’ drive them up the wall, trying to make sense out of what she says will do it.

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