I know there are probably a lot of definitions of hero, some being rather lax. But frankly a good one would be to describe a hero as someone who knows they are going into a potentially dangerous situation that could cause injury or even death ort, in the case of the military or naval forces, capture by enemy forces, where torture is likely and prolonged imprisonment probable.

Now think back to the summer of 2015 when Donald J. Trump called Senator McCain “not a hero”. Didn’t quite say a coward. Stopped just short of calling him “a loser”.

On the other hand, Donald J Trump is a “loser” (refer to the Wisconsin primary as well as caucuses and state conventions here and there).

And then think:

Where, or where was Donald J Trump while John McCain was at the United States Naval Academy?

Not even out of short pants yet.

Where oh where was Dona;ld J Trump when John McCain was a Naval Aviation Pilot? Where when John Mc Cain was a POW? Where when John Mc Cain was being awarded the Silver Star, Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Legion of Merit, Distinguished Flying Cross cross and so on. And of course the National Defense Service Medal (aka the NDSM).

Oh. Right. he was at the New York Military Academy. Did we know New York had an Army? If it doesn’t why do they have a military Academy? I know that the United States Military Academy is at West Point in New York, but that isn’t the same thing as the New York Military Academy

Oh. Right. According to trump himself it was “a kind of military service”. Meaning it was not a real military academy. more like a pretend military academy.
That is his sole military experience, for which he did not even get that good old NDSM. Maybe he got won of those cheap “I’m a winner too! plastic trophy things, with little stick on decals. I mean, hell even I got an NDSM and a couple of other medals. Also I qualified for the Military Academy (the real one) on the basis of test scores. But since I was already enlisted, I would have had to go to a lengthy prep course which was described as six extra months of Basic Training. Nobody I knew was that gung ho. Of course if I had known how badly civilian college was going to turn out I might have changed my mind. The G.I. Bill didn’t last long enough for me.

Maybe Trumps medal for “heroism” is for running otherwise good businesses into the ground and seeking rich persons welfare through the bankruptcy courts.

Nope, Donny boy. You should call Senator McCain, Naval Academy class of ’58 (and it is a real Naval Academy, not a prep school for rich kids and apologize, then get the hell out of the race and just let Ted lose of his own accord. Of course there are no medals for either stupidity or cowardice, so neither of you win.

But all of that being said now, Donny Boy spent all those years dodging the draft. He didn’t even have the guts to join the National Guard. I had enlisted and was designated Regular Army (or RA) and draftees were designated US. Reservists were AR and National Guard were NG. Hell, Even George Bush joined the National Guard! He managed to stay out of Vietnam, but hell, trump didn’t even have the guts to do that? Might muss his hair or something.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I am a Democrat. In fact I should say a Democratic Socialist because I have believed-fervently-in all of the things Bernie stands for since 1974, when you didn’t say the word socialist unless you wanted to be big buddies with the FBI agent visiting every other day and reading your mail. And why, oh why did you let the GOP saddle you with Sarah Palin. Maybe you should consider changing parties.

P.S. Did I mention John McCain flew 23 combat missions and survived a major, disastrous fire on an aircraft fire? What did you survive Mr, Trump (other than a couple of bankruptcies? A terrible manicure accident. We know about the bad hair plugs and even worse dye job (have you ever noticed your hair is green on TV? Sure sign of a bottle blonde.

How many combat missions have you flown? And I don’t mean the ones that involve lawyers and soon to be ex wives.

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