Remember all of those tirades about “make america great again”, and how evil China is because they are taking jobs from American workers and, of course, all trade agreements are evil (on this last he is not the only one, but it is very relevant to this little post)?

Also remember his daughter, Ivanka?

On April 6th the Consumer protection agency (the feds) isued a warning and ordered a recall of Ivanka Trump branded silk scarves, beause they did not meet flammability standards and could pose a risk of burns.

Ok-here’s the punchlline:

They are made in China!

Seems like everything Trump branded is not what it seems and is counter to his preaching (and yes I know it is his daughter, not him. But obviously she learned at the knee of the master of bluster, hyperbole, deceith and what his white supremist and other adherents will eventually learn sheer (dare I say silky) hypocrisy.

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