An anti-Trump wing-nut shaming Hillary?

I didn’t shame her, she did.

She went to a low income community center in the Bronx today, made nice and won a game of domino’s (you’d think, if she wanted to be nice, she throw the game to a bunch of poor elderly, but no she won.) Then right after that jetted off to the left coast do strut her stuff at a dinner with George Clooney and his better half. Of course if you want to join them for dinner, you and your date will have to shell out $353,000.

Yup. $353 K.

and that is a lot of KFC1

Tomorrow is considereably much lower rate. Only $100,000 per couple.

So. Dinner for two, two nights runs to…

Good Lord! Damned near hal a million bucks!!!!!!

Ok Ok. Only $453,000.

That’s lets see now…um…no your’e right I am $47,000 off.

That tells me that if I want to make $500,000 a year I only have to make about $452,000 a year more than my current annual income.

(Note to IRS: that is VA disability). No prob.

OK Shame! Now I tryly, truly understand that all of those people much younger than me who saay they will not vote for hillary she cheats him out of the nomination, Now I not onnly understand them, I agree.

This is cntemptable hypocrisy.

And I am a dyed in the wool registered Democrat and loyal Sanders supporter.

Stay Tuned to this site for Why I Like Kasie Hunt of MSNBC.

repeat: Contemptable hypocrisy!

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