You may not know who the road warrior are. There are essentially 3 but really 4. Kristen Welker covers Hillary Clinton, Katy Tur covers Donald Trump and my favorite (as you will see, as well as why at the last part of this post). Additionally Steve Kornaki who are the road warriors. Steve does a great job of putting the math into understandable terms, including zombie delegates, undxecided voters, undeclared delegates and whatever other names they come up with to describe the delegate awarding process in this country.

I can tell all of those voters exactly why they are angry. They do not understand the process. That is because the process is arcane. Arcane means hidden. People who participate in the dull, ordinary business of grass roots politics, at the lowest levels of precinct, all off the time and not just in [presidential election years, come to understand the arcane process because it is not hidden from them. Because they participate. That is how to learn the very very arcane world of electoral politics. That, in fact, is how you get to go to conventions. Even National conventions (on my personal bucket list, but i probably will go to see the Vatican first. Its more likely to happen).


Next up is Katy Tur. When she first started to cover Trump I sort of felt sorry for her. Relegated to ther Clown Brigade. The win-never team. Figured she would get a promotion soon when Trump was dumped. Maybe get kicked upstairs to Walker. To my definite Surprise, Walker crapped out early in the game. Couldn’t get the money, or strand the heat or something, meantime Katy stuck with Trump. She even stuck with trump the night of the first real protests when a lot, about eleven separate confrontations with anti-trump protesters broke out. Apparently these were violent beating types of protests, or at least some were. Others may have been shoving and shouting matches. But she reported them.

On Feb 21, Trump called her “a third rate journalist” and said the reports were “all lies”. (They were not lies. it was true). The crowd grew so hostile that the seret service became conserned and at the ed of the rally escorted her to her car. In a MSNBC show on Frday afternoon, she said the vitriol directed straight at her on social media (more like anti-social media) was full of vitriol.

Frankly I think she shou;d be given an award for bravery for contionuing to go back and cover Trump. It has been obvious from the beginning that Trump truly hates the press, and in fact pretty much has hated them, in toto, for a very long time. He is blaming them for his own failures, and I believ this was all part of his long term plan to take the White House home to Trump Tower and add it to his collection trophys. Avtually all of the reporters covering Trump should at least get bonuses, even the far right wing nut reporters beccause Trump seems to hate all reporters, but especially Katy Tur and Megyn Kelly. Who is a fox, but I don’t ever watch Fox. Maybe MSNBC wil give her a contract better than Fox. Or better yet, she can replace Wolf Blitzer on CNN. Watch their ratings shoot up.

Hang in there Katy! there should be a Pulitzer for sheer determination and bravery in the face of Trump supporters.


OK thisd is actually nice.

One night I was watching the news and Kasie was talking about Bernie Sanders (she was actually standing in the aisle of the press bus). She sai-and I have to paraphrase-that she had felt the same as Bernie and had identified as a Democratic Socialist since she was in college, but couldn’t say anything because, well back then you couldn’t. And she was right. Might lose your job or, well who knows.

Well I actually felt pretty good about that because when I was about the same age-before her, I am sure because this was in about 1973 and I was anout 20, and knew perfectly well I was not really a plain old democrat. I was way way waaaay too far left for a [lain Democrat. But I sure as hell wasn’t so far left as to be a communist, no way whatsoever. Even before going to college I knew that was a failed system waiting to melt down, and I just hoped they did start WWIII to help it along.

But I know what she means about not being able to really talkj about it. I had just finished two years in the Army, and was at age twent in mysecond year of an eventual eight years in the National Guard. You really don’t talk Socialism then. Hear that knockin at your door? Is that the FBI that I hear?

(aside: While still in the National Guard and while a student in New Mexico, I once interviewed the Socialist Workers Party candidate for President as part of a contributing editor gig. About a week later my security clearance was pulled. Without a security clearance you pretty muh can’t do anything in the Military. Luckily it was reinstated in about a month. Clerical error, Right. And the moon is made of green cheese,)

So, thank you Kasie, and thank you Bernie for letting all the rest us out of the closet. Mighty dark in there

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