Someone either buy Donny Boy a dictionary or a lawyer, who will explain to him the word/definitin “collusion”.

The first, very important thing is, that collusion takes place in secret.

Secret means you do it out of the public eye. You do not announce it to the media.

Secondly, it has to be for means that are “…illegal or treasonous.”

If you doubt me check pretty much any dictionary. Mine is an unabridged (that means complete, without editing out of word definitions to save space and/or weight) Random House Dictionary of the English Language, and the definition of ‘collusion’ is on page 291.

Neext, and this is not actually in the dictionary, but when you put all into context, it will become obvious, what Kasich and Cruz are doing is not even illegal. Ergo it is an agreement to do something, and if you don’t l8ike it, well I guess thats too bad.

But, it is not illegal. It is certainly not treasonous. And it was done out in the open and in fact announced to the public.

Therefore it is not collusion.

So whine away. I am certain most of your constituency will believe that what they did is not legal (it is not a crime) and that it is collusion. But you have told so many, many many lies that you make “lyin Ted” look like a saint.

So, Mr. Trump, what are you going to do if you get elected and all of those promises are not delivered? So many people are going to turn on you that your approval rating will be looking up at George W. Bushes approval rating.

Just that rtidiculous thing about building a wall will send them tumbling into the toilet.


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