According to Daily KOS CNN invited a former congressman named Joe Walsh on as a guest on one of it’s talking heads programs after he made a number of ominous sounding and racist sounding comments including one the President Obama should “Watch Out”, as should police,Democrats and all kinds of other people, including those active in the Black Lives Matter movement in the wake of violence.

The first thing that is obvious is that though he did not make a direct threat against President Obama, he should be thoroughly investigated by the Secret Service. If Mr. Walsh’s gunsel Trump were threatened Walsh would be screaming in a high pitched voice about it and demanding action. And incidentally that thorough investigation of Mr. Walsh should include thorough and if need be protracted and repeated cavity searches. Then we will hear high pitched complaints.

Note: the word gunsel has an amusing history, especially when applied to the motion picture industry. It seems that during the filming of ‘The Maltese Falcon’ one of the Thought Police from the Purity of Mind Office got wind of a particular scene in which Sam Spade told the main Bad Guy to get out of his office and take his punk with him. Somehow the Thought police and Morality Marines got the idea that the term punk referred to what would be politely referred to as a prisoners “girlfriend” while incarcerated. This was, of course true. They stopped production while insisting that the line be modified. The writer of the script, who also wrote the book, was Dashiel Hammett. To mollify the Purity Police he suggested they substitute the word ‘gunsel’, which they thought meant a guy who carries a gun. Of course Hammet knew that it meant catamite, which itself means a boy or young man kept for pederastic purposes. Todays dictionary gives both definitions, so Dashiel Hammett added to the language. All the while of course, he was punking the Morality Police.)

It does seem as if CNN has taken an almost Trump sided view of the political world, even if only a vague lean that direction. I don’t watch a lot of CNN political coverage, other than to balance MSNBC. Fox news is not news, it is propaganda so I don’t bother. Not that I have anything against leggy blondes. If they all went to CNN I might watch more of that, but I have a definite lean towards the left myself, and if that means brunettes that is absolutely fine by me. In fact it could have the side effects of boosting their ratings at CNN and initiating some sort of Road to Damascus epiphany events to some of the Trump base, causing them to become born again Clintonites.

Meanwhile, with the conventions coming up I have to build up a cache of extra sleep as I think there will be a lot going on and maybe some late nights.

And the story about Dashiel Hammet, the Maltese Falcon and the words punk and gunsel is true. I did not make that up.

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