The insanity of the ultra-ultra-ultra right winger broadcasting ro the convention itselfis astounding.

They keep demanding and shouting for hillary Clinton to be taken out and summarily shot for crime ranging fron treason to being smart to being (GASP) a smart woman.

In fact these are coming from hate filled believers in family values. As a former firefighter and EMT I have seen some of those hate filled family values. And trumps got lots of family values. Three wives and we lost track of mistresses-and he and his gang have the gall to smear Bill Clinton? Odds are those smearers are out there doing the same thing, like Hastert having fun with the high school boys then proudly and ever so puritanically having Clinton investigated. And how was he aught? buying off one of them, and violating banking rules while doing it-talk about someone who thinks he is above the law. Now just a pathetic old man in a wheel chair, serving tim.

And take a look at the candidate himself. He comes in through a miasma og green smoke-no doubt to conjure up
swamps,swamp thing, graveyards and pharohs tombs. If tht doesn’t scare yo, nothing will.

Will Putin be nervous?Hope not. He’s got a lot of bombast. Thermonuclear bombast.

And how anbout Kin sung un up there in North Korea. He has the sense of humor of a pissed off cobra. combine those two and we have at least a small war, mostly at the expense of Korea

And lastly let us wonder what sins those bobastic voices are covering up. with the amount of vitriol and the loudness (and stupidity) of the shouting it leads one to think they doth protest too much.

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