Now we hear from Trumpf that he wants to “re-negotiate” the Geneva Conventions.

Now, in keeping with the idea of “keep it simple stupid”, here is the problem, stupid.

You can not just decide to re-negotiate this international series of treaties. (and by the way it is a series, not merely a single document).

For one thing it is a series, not just one.

Second, and most important, even if you decide that you do not like them and decide, unilaterally, not to recognize them (even though all changes have been ratified by this country and in the case of torture, it is illegal by U.S. Law, even countries that are not signatories are bound by this international law.

Now here it comes, so pay attention:

If you were (horrors!) elected president and ordered actions banned by international accords, and those orders were to be carried out, you would be a War Criminal.


You are already criminally stupid, but that is another story.

And a reminder, the Congress of the United States passed laws, and the president signed into law, regulations making torture illegal.

In other words it would be an impeachable offense. So you could be impeached and , possibly be prosecuted by an international tribunal for war crimes.

I would love to see you in the dock.

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