There is this civil war in Syria, and one of the major cities in Syria has been in the news repeatedly over about the last five years, and quite a lot over the last year because of the horrendous bombing and human right violations as well as major war crimes such as bombing civilians and routinely bombing hospitals. Yet when asked by an intervidwer on MSNBC today what he would do about Aleppo, that was his answer.

“What’s an Alleppo?”

Just a guess here, but I would bet that if you go to on Friday morning, this will be headline news.

A second bet is that be told that. many years ago when he was Governor of New Mexico, he told a reporter, and was quoted in the Santa Fe New Mexican, that “the low riders scare me.” And if it isn’t front page news tomorrow, maybe you can find it in the archives from roughly 20 years ago.

Full disclosure: I have worked for that newspaper off and on for many years (not currently).

For anyone who does not know this, a low rider is a car and is really a true art form, somewhat of a folk art form, and many (low rider cars) are worth tens of thousands of dollars. There are many of them found in New Mexico and there are rallyies where ther are on display and paraded. They are big in parts of LA, and I wouldn’t be surprised to find one in Jay Leno’s garage.

But he was not talking about the cars, he was talking about the people who drive them. I guess he did not realize the people owning these cars were artists in their own unique qay. He saw them as a threat, because he did not understand that the people who made these (and every one is unique) was expressing both their talent, but their own heritage and ethnic identity.

Since he saw them as a threat, and a few young men and women showing off their art frightened him. I guess we know what he will do about Aleppo.

He will cut and run.

Not fit to be President of this country or any other. So throw him on the junk heap with Donald Trump who wants to fire all of the Generals. And if Trump does not know what firing the generals will do, he shoould be tutored on what happened when the Iraqi’s took over, the Generals were fired and political hacks put in charge of military units they did not know how to command.

I wonder if he knows where Aleppo is. Or if he (Trump) has figured out what the nuclear triad is yet.

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