I fave been dealing with the VA for many years.
They are not corrupt. They are not inept. The VA has a damned good track record in fact. Many inroads have been made in fighting disease and trewating trauma (bak injuries and head trauma in particular) because of the nature of war and of the military ands whay the military and naval forces do.

Many medical successes as well as progress in treating injuries and illnesses in the civilian world have come from the VA. Many VA hospitals are affiliated with medical schools. That means many, many medical students, now doctors, have treated veterans in this country as part of their training, and both medical schools and VA hospitals. This benefits the doctors and patients, and morover the experience benefits the general public. It pushes along research which otherwise might not get done or be done slower.

As to the “whistleblower” who threw open the curtains on the deaths of vets waiting for treatment”’
with all die repect, men tend not to go to see their doctors. If you do not go see a doctor, he or she is not going to be able to diagnoase tghat cancer that is killing you, and in fact it may well be too late to treat it. It happens all over this country, every day. The trick is to get the patient to the doctor.

The “problems” were vastly overblown. Another really great that the media kept using was vets holding up big bags of pills that contained- according to them-“pain pills”.

The first question hs to be what kind of pain pills? The answer is- pain pills, without specificity. Bu was it aspirin? Acetominophen? Ibup[rofin?

The thing is tghere were all of these assertions, with people shaking big, trash bag size bags which made pill like noises when shaken, but how do we know there were pills in there. And incidentally all of those pills will do no good sitting around in a plastic bag. You have to take them, as prescribed. Also it is up to the patient to let his usually overworked doctor what he is taking. ( Could have been vitamins. Or tic-tacs. I have never seen anyone leaving the VA hospital with bags and bags of pain pills.) And Pain? I have pain all the time and take one type of pain medication, and not all that much of that.
And about the doctors, here in mew mexico I understand a doctor at any one of the outlying Community Based Oupatient clinics can be seing as many as 1200 patients.

Sorry to say it but the media has been helping blow this out of proportion.

And for Mr Trump. I believe his organization is corrupt, whereas the VA Health Care system works pretty damn well. I doubt He could run i the VA.

I know he can’t run this country.

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