Someone asked if I would he/she vote for a corrupt candidate. Hell I don’t care who you vote for as long as it is not a moron.

And please, everyone, read the article in the Daily Beast.

Matt Laur did do a crappy job.

Donald Trump did not know that the VA already has a health care system that includes mental health care. Or that the miltary already has a criminal justice system. He thinks people like Saddam Hussein were just Hunky Dory, even though he was at least as much of a terrorist as bin Laden, who governed not through ability but through absolute terror, he would have a person shot for no reason whatsoever other than to frighten others into doing his bidding.

And on and on and on. Trump knows nothing.

So yes. Vote for a corrupt politician and not a stupid one who will, without a doubt destroy this country.

Smarter to have a country left in November of 2020 than a smoking pile of radioactive rubble.

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