This is it a nutshell. P_lease read this article.

I want to plead with the fence sitters:

Do not vote for Trump.

Vote For Clinton

Okay. italics and bold type over with.

But here is why I say that, and for those who do not know I started out as a supporter of Bernie Sanders, and I still support and ful;ly back the Sanders agenda.


Think about a fool in the white house. We will, at best have a Constitutional crisis of some sort. If it is the kind that played out seemingly forever during the Nixon Administration, forces anathema (i.e. at extreme odds with, aka enemy) will take advantage of it and use the time thus given them to attack us and kill many of us while a totally unprepared ma it sits and wrings his hands and cries “Ivanka! What shall I do?” If it goes on without swift, proportionately appropriate retaliatory action (not nuclear war over a building blown up) then one of two things must happen:
Impeachment and removal or imposition of the 23rd amendment.
In either case Tom Pence will be President or acting president, so make sure that is ok. But stock up on food.

Worst case is Nuclear war.

Then of course the Most Ignorant Man Ever To Walk Through The Doors of The White House coul;d just do the same kind of thing that the new Filipino President isd doing and just start executing people. In which scase, oh yeah, covered that under Domestic Crisis leading to Impeachmet.

Kidding aside, trump is a fool, and not an intelligent one.

The VA has a mental health program. The Military has a court system, you can’t just promote or fire generals.

In short the President of the United States is not an absolute ruler who just issues an order and everyone shits his/herr britches while ensuring it is carried out.

Thousands, maybe millions of people comfoprt themselves by believing, falsly that he sill surround himself with the best and the brightest, and learn the job.

That the f**k has he been doing since clinching the nomination? He has had months to learn the fundamentals and is just as clueless, in fact stupid as he was when he started over a year ago.

Donald Trump is stupid and he is dangerous, to the entire world! Wake America, or by the time the next election rolls around there may be no country to govern!

Meanwhile there is time. Vote for Clinton. If you an not tolerate her, wait for the next election and vote for someone smarter than Donald Trump.

Like Sarah you-know-who. She may be dumb and her favorite magazine might be Highlites (mine is Foreign Affairs, by the way) but shed is less dangerous than him.

Full Disclosure: I am a Democrat and would not volte for Sarah you-know-who under any circumstances.

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