Right. Stop and Frisk.

This was not only declared to be unconstitutional, it was not the cause of the crime rate going down in New York. If it had been n, there would have been a huge and immediate upswing in crime when it was banned, by a Federal Judge in a 200 plus page opinion.

But now a candidate wants it back.

Back in 2008 and 2012 everyone-including screaming and crying fat white women, were hysterically crying “there coming to take our guns and they are going to kill us!”

Well, it is 2016. No gun raids and there is only one candidate who wants to take anyones guns away-unconstitutionally, and in an unconstitutional way.

The first part is of course that second amendment about the right to bear arms.

Then the stop and frisk part ignores due process, among other things. Thatis the Fourth Amendment. Arguably the fifth amendment also has a bearing here, as if one is stopped and frisked for no reason, in violation of the Fourth amendment he or she may be carryiing a firearm, as is guaranteed right in the second amendment but, if that person is any color but white or is not wearing a police uniform is automatically a criminal, he or she has had their right against self incrimination breached.

Finally, if the Republican candidate is not yet aware, there is the fourteenth amenment which guarantees everybody the same rights as everyone else. In other words, you, nor a judge or a congress can order a stop and frisk policy because that type of policy is profiling, and profiling just about always violates the right of one or more-usually more- groups of people in this country. In Mr Trumps viewew it shoul ne blacks and muslims, presumably people who appear to be “mexicans” because he declared them murderers and rapists.

Oh hell, just throw out ther whole thing. He will try to make it Toilet Paper any way.


TP. Need we say more

Maybe he should be stgopped and frisked. Might be hiding his tax return somewhere.

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