By this time tomorrow I will be bidding adieu to the Donald and blowing kisses to Hillary. Both actions at a distance

A word on churches getting burned” Such deliberate burnings are always investigated as hate crimes. I cit my teeth on them. For a while they were a staple of crimes in the south until it got so bad the ATF and DOJ pronounced them hate crimes and made up special units and strike forces, as well as doing special training for local Fire Investigative Personnel.

In honesty Black churches were tempting targets because they were largelu out of town a bit further 2where land was cheeper and a congegration could affor to buil. The same was true of black schools. This made then soft targets, or extra soft and extra vulnerable, because the arsonist could be long gone before the fire was discovered. They rarely had any alarm system aside from some passerbt noticing the fire.
So the fire in Mississippi yesterday with the “vote Dump” sign painted nearby was pretty clear. Don’t vote at all or we’ll come after you

Trump has dredged up the hatred, over matters real or imagined, real or paranoid imaginiring. Oh there is a slim possibility the economy will recover in another thirty years (that assumes a single term) and the ravages of war will ever so slowlyfade, but out world will ever be changed.

And it will not be hanged the same way it was when Neil Armstron made that first step on the moon. Nor when Einstein got that first flash of inspiration that led to nuclear physics and an understanding of the world that goes beyond destruction and teaches us what the world is and what it is made of. Then we had Georges Lemaitre positing the bib bang theory-he was a Jesuit priest by the way.
And of course we would all believe that we were the offspring of little scaley green men (and women) if it weren’t for Darwin.

What is going to happen is, in case the absolutely terrifying scenario of President Trump the markets will fall, perhaps plummet. our allies will not really know what to do and president Putin, who will be the real leader of the United States, will finally break a smile, albeit a tiny one.

Wanna be he gets a suite at the white house, kind of like Churchill had?

Then, maybe as soon as next summer a group of people are going to gather in a city somehwere in the middle west and start ripping up the American Secular Bible: The United States Constitution.

They want to go back to states rights. They want to gut the federal courts of most of their authority and power.

Then they will gut the presidency and take away pretty much all executive authority beyond pardoning the Thanksgiving day turkeys.

Each state will go home an write pretty much whatever laws it wants and , without the Interstate Commerce Clause, no other state has to abide by that law. Could be you get married in Californiam acquire a passport and decide to go to New York by car. You will be stopped at every state line, your car will be searched for contraband and you ill be required to pay some sort of road tax for the privilage of using their roads, which were buil by Eisenhower and maintaned all the way through the Obama administration. And once in New York you may be required to get married again, or go to jail; for engaging in non marital relations.

Seriously, there is a group that wants to ammend the constitution. Soon and their main goals are to gut the judicial system and the presidenc/. That leaves Congress to run the country.

We’d las about a week.

Back tomorrow for another round after the crazy polls. And quit burning downm thosw Churches! It Ain’t Nice, dammit!

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