Watching a snippet of Fox news featuring Rudy Guilianni, sitting there cackling and grinning, rubbing his little paws together with glee, I got to wondering if mabe he was related to a famous movie person, so I did a bit of research and found it: he is a dead (so to speak) ringer for the Wicked Witch of the East.

Start by looking at his withered./ scraggly looking face, obviously making it look less green (the green complexion is a dead giv-away that a person is a witch. It was really the cackle that gave it away, along with the evil little lecherous leer in his eyes as he gazed with hopeful abandon an the young blonde woman..

You will of course the Wicked witch of the West had no children at the time she melted.

But the wicked Witch we have less information about. In fact all we saw of her were some aciculated black shoes topped by some questionably accesoried and black striped hosiery. Quite hideous. Goauche in fact And looking at that and that little chuckling and giggling gleefully chortling. Then I noted the monkey face and it was all over

Rudy is the love child of the Wicked Witch of the East and one of her slave love monkeys.

Bu I have bad News. Dorothy moved back to Kansas, and did NOT change her hame to Hillary.

Hillary came from Chicago. Chicago won BIG. someone else from chicago and she is going to win BIG.

And please everyonde, check outg Mr G.
He looks like a shriveled up little old monkey looking for a job. The should have let hi bus tables at the Xardinals Charitgy event a couple of weeks back. Looks like he needs the moneu.

Seriouslu whey the time comes after the election is over and Hillary is measuring drapes for the white hopuse and Chris Christie is being measured for his orange jumg sui I believe I will look up Rudy’s background and check on that wich thing. I understand burial costs are small. Just a hole ad a bucket of water.

And a bit of adviced” no ,ore leering and keep yourf hands to yourself and in plain sight.

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