Sometime after the election and likely well before the Inauguration of Hillary Clinton, a new writer/columnist, or perhaps a different lin (the mechanics are still up in the ethernet) a new writer will join us,by the name of Bilaam.

I am well aware of the story of Balaam in the Old Testament, (Numbers 22, 1-35 as I recall).

For those who do not know the story Balaam was sort of a Prophet for hire, and some pagan king or other hired him to put a curse on the Hebrews, but while on the way to do so, Balaam’s ass (donkey for those of you with dirty minds) saw an angel on the path, who had been sent to stop Balaam. The ass refused to proceed further and Balaam began to beat it, at which point the ass kicked him, by some accounts breaking Balaam’s leg, and said to him (Balaam) ‘what have I done to you that you beat me these three times (Ballam had continually and uselessly tried to get the donkey to go past the angel that God had sent to stop him, but Balaam was impatient and didn’t know his ass from…well, let me just continue) ‘You have acted willfully against me” Balaam said that I am going to kill you now”.

Fat chance.

to make a long story short, God opened Balaams eyes to what was going on and Balaam changed his mind. And by the way, god nerly killed him for beating his donkey, so watch how you treat animals, and if tempted to mistreat one, remember it will be you that gerts kicked. not your ass.

So Balaam will be joning, and I hope a few more individuals or oracles will be added to this company of Seers.

And watch your ass. It might just be talking to Angels.

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