I just threw in the part about rationality so I could point out and include the name “Trump”.

Remember back in the 70’s and 80’s and just about every decade since then?
This election so many people want Dirty Harry to run this country that it is insane. And just a minute ago I caught a brief glimpse of an old Clint Eastwood movie in which he essentially tortured the bad guy. Used to be they just shot the bad guy and got it over with.

Want President Dirty Harry? Move to Russia. Our sane President will beat that not so sane president any day.

If you have any doubts about Putin’s sanity, just look at his eyes. Stare at them for five minutes. Or just five seconds. That is a psychopath. He is not just mean. he is crazy and he will do anything to stay in power. By the way look at Venezuela which has becoma a de facto dictatorship. Just a few short years ago t was not, but a populist psychopath came into power, stripped the country of its wealth then had the good sense to die. Unfortunately he left in his wake a vice president to take over as dictator.

Meantime we do not need a Bonnie and Clyde type antihero. It is wise to recall that our “anti hero” types that lived in real life in U.S. History were often murderers and worse. Even some of the “good guys were at times a little iffy.

And anyone that thinks or thought that Donald Trump is a good guy and pulling for them, he has absolute contempt for you. He was born into wealth, and he grows his wealth by manipulating the system he claims he is going to change. And don’t forget someone who doesn’t ever show his hand, even when everyone else has folded was lying and didn’t have anything, and was probably betting with someone elses money.

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