The very first impeachment proceeding was actually against a U.S. Senator, William Blount. The House voted Impeachment Articles, but the Senate refused to accept the articles and instead resolved the matter through Senate Proceedings. Specifically they I initiated their own investigation and “sequestered”his Senate Seat, which effectively ejected him from the Senate.

The second impeachment was U.S. District Judge John Pickering, who was convicted and removed.

Now lets skip ahead just a little.

The grand total of impeachment proceedings is nineteen. Two were Presidents, both found not guilty of the charges; one cabinet member who resigned before any Senate trial, even though the Senate was prepared to move forward with trial. That brings our total so far to four.

Of the remaining 15, fourteen were Federal Judges, and the sole remaining one was, hold your breath, yup-an Associate Justice Of the the United States Supreme Court.

The most recent Judge removed by impeachment and conviction in the Senate was Thomas Porteus.

Want to guess what year? It was in 2010. Thats right, the most recent impeachment was not Bill Clinton in 1989, it was 2010. And before him was Judge Samuel B. Kent in 2009.

Who’d have thought, Federal Judge? Misconduct? And there have been two Impeachments resulting in removal from office in the 21st Century? Damn. Did you know that?

So, everyone should know, without consideration of political beliefs, that if there is any truth, at all, of untruthful testimony, any time in the past, of lying to investigators or the U.S. Senate, an Associate Justice of SCOTUS could well face Impeachment proceedings. Right now would not be a good time to get into additional controversy, conspiracy theories, real news and fake news, assault by foreign governments (Russia, North Korea and probably China) that goes unacknowledged by the alleged leader pf the “free” world, lets get down to business and get a new candidate for the open SCOTUS seat. It isn’t as if Kavanaugh will be out of a job. He is of course a Federal judge.

Of course, new investigation could find that he lied during earlier confirmation hearings and…oh well. Get it over with. Let’s start over with a new appointee by the White House. Otherwise this guy will have this cloud hanging over his head for decades to come. Clarence Thomas still does.

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