Many years another was a song that was about “the coward of the county”. It was a longish, sad country-ish song about someone being branded the ‘coward of the county’.

I don’t really remember much more than that. Like I said it was a long time ago, probably in the 1960’s or 70’s.  But now we come to a new coward, or more than one really, and this is not merely the coward of the county, but of the country. And there are more than one, at least three and maybe more. We shall see how many there are, and we will be counting, when the vote on the floor of the Senate takes place. If it takes place. At any rate we will be counting when the Senate Judiciary Committee votes as to whether or not to forward the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the full Senate.

The Chief Coward of the Country is Donald Trump. Oh yes, the poor young men of the U.S. should be cowering in the corner, terrified that they will be accused falsely of sexual impropriety of some sort. Worse he is using it and the controversy about judge Kavanaugh as basically a campaign siren call, and counting the women speaking up liars etc. Any bad name he possibly can think of. He and his minions are using anything they can, leveling any unsubstantiated charge that comes to mind to get what they want.

And what they want is tho have things their way. They want to club the constitution with Brett Kavanaugh, because they feel-especially the Coward in Chief-that if he is seated by the slavering, simpleminded ass-kissing GOP, then he will owe Trump and will rule in his favor anytime that the issue may come up.

We can see Kavanaugh as a coward merely by looking at the attack act that he pulled last week in the Judiciary Committee hearing, when he cried, whimpered, yelled and poor-me-ed himself on nationwide television. Anyone with a little self respect would have slunk away and gone into hiding, immediatley after mailing his letter withdrawing his nomination. Shame!

Why is Trump Coward in Chief?

Because he will not let the FBI do it’s job. It is obvious the FBI is not being allowed to look into allegations and talk to potential witnesses before the Judiciary. As I write this the FBI background checkbooks like it will be brought up short, obviously not having time to talk to everyone. It seems obvious they have been told to keep it short, and likely told who not to talk to, possibly on pain of firing.

Where is the cowardice? They are afraid of fairness. They are mostly in fear of us, the American public, who are when it comes down to it, are in favor of justice. Yes, we know there is an old boys club, especially in Washington. But in the end the rule of law prevails.

Get yourself an associate justice in your pocket and you can take over the country.

And that is what Trump wants. To take over the country.

He is afraid of being outed. Kavanaugh is now in fear of losing not just the SCOTUS seat, but he may be investigated for past untruths while undergoing background checks and questioning by the Judiciary Committee back to when he first was appointed to a Federal Judgeship. If he lied then, he could be impeached. Not many Judges have been removed  that way, but if he were impeached I would bet it would be the only one ever paid attention to by the American public. The Last Federal Judge removed by this process was way back in 2010. A mere 8 years ago. Bet you didn’t know that. Bet even if you had heard about it at the time you would not have watched it on TV. I don’t know if even C-SPAN covered it.

Lastly, there are the Cowards Of The Senate. Afraid they will be voted out by the horrible voters. Most of those Senators aren’t even up for election this Year. Too bad Cowardly McConnell isn’t. I mention him because he is Majority leader, and he is the one that started and promulgated the logjam in the Senate. He and his buddy Ryan over in the House.

This is not the last I will write about McConnell. Ryan is out at the end of this Congress. He cowarded out-or more likely saw the writing on the wall-and decided not to run for office again.

These people, especially Trump and Kavanaugh must be held up to the scrutiny of the press and the public. Kavanaugh must not be allowed on the Supreme Court. Donald Trump has 11 more people on his list that he promised he would nominate from. So far he has nominated one person from that list, which was provided by Conservative foundations and think tanks. Kavanaugh was not on that list. It is obvious to the most blindly faithful Trumpite that he wants this person on the court for a reason. And that reason is probably that he has received a promise from him that he will back the President in any case he is asked to.

Kavanaugh cannot be on that Supreme Court bench.


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