For Donald Trum, Mitch Mc Connel and Ryan, along with their sychophants to claim that they are “the Party of Lincoln” is a disgrace.

The Republican Party that ran Abraham Lincoln was a Progressive party, not a conservative, hate filled party trying to take total control of the U.S. Republic with single party control, and control of the Judiciary and silencing of the press.

That party in fact kept the Union together, made slavery as an institution illegal and-until the advent of the Jim Crow laws-made discrimination, if not a thing of the past at least a thing to be seen as unethical and un-American. There were always problems and we should never look ant the post Civil War era through rose-colored glasses.

But back to the point.

In fact the last of the Republicans of the Party of Lincoln was probably Theodore Roosevelt, though Herbert Hoover made some effort, which didn’t work out real well.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt actually took over when the Republicans floundered and failed at responding to the Wall Street Crash and susequent Depression, and decided to allow the market forces-which had no force left at that point-to reinvigorate the economy. It took a progressive Democrat to do that.

After 20 years of Democrats, Dwight Eisenhower took over as president. But he really was a centrist politically. He probably would have been elected if he registered as a democrat. But since the Democrats had held the White House for so long, he and others figured, correctly that it was time for a Republican, even if he was in essence a Republican In Name Only. Either way, either Republican or Democrat, he would have been the same centrist President.But never would he have been a Libertarian. If he had been we would not have the Interstate Highway System.

Next we had eight years of Democrats followed by a pair of controversial Republicans. The democrats were progressive giving the U.S. citizenry Medicare, the Voting Rights Act, Head Start and much, muchmore

Nixon-I will not go into Watergate here-actually did some ok and some good things. He normalized relations-or at least began normalizing them-with China. He got the EPA started. He initiated détente with the Soviet Union. The Vietnam War is another matter and could easily take up several volumes of hard-copy books, and indeed the internet as well as the actual brick-and-mortar bookstores teem with volumes about that war. Some of the seeming insanity, like threatening to use nuclear weapons in Vietnam, was just rhetoric to let the recalcitrant Vietnamese negotiators know he meant business (even Nixon wasn’t that nuts). Also, unwillingly, he got some oversight and stops in of Presidential Powers, which Congress needs to revisit nowadays.

Speaking of Reagan, why was there no multitude of endless and useless congressional hearings after nearly 250 Marines were killed in Lebanon? Were the Republicans saving their vitriol up for Hillary Clinton when 4 Americans died in Libya (versus over 240 Marines under the Reagan Presidency)?

But that, oddly, was the end. The next Republican President was Ronald Reagan. With his “Government is the problem” speech he made things hard for many people for many, many decades after. In fact we will be feeling his Presidency for a long time. I suppose George H.W. Bush wasn’t too bad.

Bill Clinton was sort of progressive, would have been if it had not been for Speaker Newt Gingrinch who wanted to make disabled children work in the poorhouse for food, with his Contract on America. And yes, I did write that as ‘Gingrinch’ on purpose. But Clinton knew how to get things done, even with the Gingrinch who stole Christmas and Everything Else.

Skip Bush the second, aka George the 3rd. Obama was not allowed to get much done because of McConnell who seems to have been scheming from the start to eventually kill the Affordable Care Act.

And now we have Trump who compares himself to Lincoln. Someone apparently copied the idea of the dogs playing poker painting, and had Trump with Lincoln, Eisenhower, both Bushes, Gerald Ford, Nixon, T.R. and Ronald Reagan sitting or standing around a table and laughing/smiling. I would rather have even Reagan or both Bushes, and for me that is saying a lot.

Every one of these others is spinning in their graves at the thought of Trump as president, and probably would, if they found themselves in the same room as him, would turn their backs to the man who would ruin the Democratic Republic they served and he wants to serve only himself.

Talk about a bad joke and a terrible painting. This is it on both counts.

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