Yesterday on “Fox News Sunday” (we do not really think news in the title is justified or accurate, it is just part if the title” 45 declared he had no time to visit the troops, or any of the myriad events, memorials or anything else, especially those recognizing the end of active hostilities of the 1st World War, 100 years ago. The reason he was busy?

Phony Witch Hunts.


That is not merely an oxymoron it is a double negative, and of course part of the major lie that underlies much of the 45 administration. In this case it points out the fact that, stated way too many times, that 45 “loves our veterans.”

Bullshit. He dishonors active duty military and veterans all the time. He loves them/us no more than a pile of dog crap on the sidewalk. Did you know that New York city has an ordinance allowing sidewalk vendors on Fifth Avenue if, and only if they are veterans? In fact I think it states disabled vets. 45 ( before he became 45) one time tried to get a law passed by the New York State assembly to outlaw that. So much for veterans

But on to the double negative. And a double negative by the way, reverses itself and becomes a positive-or in a case like this the truth.

We  all know that something that is phony is fake, untrue, not real or made up.

A witch hunt is something, usually an activity or investigatory activity looking for something which is not true or an activity which does not take place, or an accusation which is untrue.

Thus a “phony witch hunt” turns out to be a hunt for an actual with, or with 45, it is an investigation into activities that have in fact taken place, and the investigation is merely the act of finding all of the evidence to prove the act, which is usually defined (in witch huntery) as factual.

So 45, on Sunday November 18, 2018 admitted conspiracy, probable tax evasion, possibly espionage and conspiracy to defraud the United States.

I rest my case. Oh and he did it on his favorite propaganda television channel, same way he admitted to NBC news that he fired the FBI director to end the probe into the Russia interference in the 2016 elections.

So there it is. The Witch. Really.

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