Prior to the fall of the Soviet Union, when people were protesting against the war in Vietnam, all of the “hardats” and the old WW2 and Korean war vets were out there to bash heads and call them commies and worse. There were near wars between the “Hippies” and the so called patriotic Americans, union men many of them, who called the others traitors?

Fast forward to the Obama administration and Health Care, sometimes called Obama Care, formally known as the Affordable Care Act. People were reacting, in fact over reacting, holding up signs saying stupid stuff like “keep the government out of healthcare-leave my medicare alone!” Apparently they were under the impression that Medicare was a private insurance plan. Then there were the riotous-sometimes literally-town hall meetings held by congessmen and women where the signs and screaming were accusing everyone of being either Nazis or Communists.

Now, Donald “cadet bone spurs” Trump has apprently convinced everyone that there is an impending coup to “overthrow” the Government. He is banking on the ignorance, or poor educational system, to convince everyone that Nancy Pelosi and the “Socialists” and the “Communists” would then be in charge.

Actually, of course, Vice President Pence-a conservative Republican would become President. He would then nominate a candidate to be Vice President and as long as Moscow Mitch approved, that person would become the new Vice president. and the Government would hum along as usual. No oup. No revolution. and, we hope no communists. (Of course in the case of an appointee for the Vice Presidency, both houses must concur. Right now McConnel holds a tight reign on the Senate, and likely Pelosi and the Democratic caucus would go along with a nominee).

But. Hold on here. The current resident dictator in Russia is a former Communist. An actual, real, card carrying Communist. Former KGB officer. In fact a Lieutenant Colonel in the KGB. Of course he was a Communist in name only because that is what Vladimir Putin does. Whatever is the best deal for him, he does. Since the Communist party is a shadow of it’s former self in Russia, he has become a card carrying Russian Orthodox Christian, because that is the thing to do, and it benefits him to do it, so he does. He is in fact a Nationalist and populist of the worst kind. He is a Nazi/Communist in everything but name. He is a Kleptocrat along with all of the other heavy hitters in Russia, stripping the country of its wealth banking it around the world, hiding it as best they can. In fact quite a lot of people-people who would be in the know, believe Vladimir Putin is the richest man in the entire world.

He is also, just like Hitler, focused on world domination. He does this through disinformation or, in the terminology of Trumpists everywhere, Fake News.

And the Biggest Fake News is that he is Mister Nice Guy, who would never interfere in American politics or elections.

Then why has he and his Great Worshipping Disciple Trump convinced all of those previously anti-communist Democracy for all and damn the Hippie Commie Pinko Fags to hell, fawning over the former Communist sitting in Moscow chortling at the Stupid Americans? (Heavens that was along sentence)!

Even more so, why is the former America Love It Or Leave it Republican Party fawning over Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin? Vlad is still the same old Communist. He is a dictator, slowly but surely picking away our democracy and chipping away at the Russian version of a republic.

So why is Moscow Mitch McConnel and virtually evrey Republican Congress member and Senator lining up behind the Russian (former) Communist and his acolyte Donald Trump?

Well, I guess it is because what they think is power is really hard evidence that they ar being conned, and that some of them are knowingly betraying us, their constituents as well as their country in order to stay on top. Little do they know what would happen and will happen to them if Vladimir Putin gets his way. Then it will be their day in the barrel.

To be sure, the Russian people are not evil. I have met a few, Russians, a Chechen and a Ukrainian, as well as a Georgian all of whom grew up in the Communist Dictatorship of the Soviet Union. They liked it here better. At least until Donald Trump became President.

It is the leadership of the Russian Federation that is evil and corrupt. They steal from their own people, left and right. A few ultra rich plutocratic sociopaths get richer and richer by the day (in fact with their wealth they get richer by the minute-literally) while the average people suffer and get poorer and poorer. So Putin makes an enemy of Ukraine so he can look good in the eyes of the Russians for taking back territory where people are ethnic Russian (another Hitler like ploy) and they feel all patriotic. Wonder what they will think when the next presidential election comes along in Russia. Will Putin get the Constitution changed so he can run again (his second term should be his last) or will he just say “I’m going to be president for life-we can save money by not bothering with elections”.

That is what he would like, and what Trump would like too.

So. Beware. It can happen here too. Only Moscow will be the new capital of the United States, and we will have to learn the words to a new National Anthem. Russian words, of course. I imagine it might be the Internationale.

Do not believe the idiotic claims of the Republicans. There is no takeover plot. No “Communists” hiding in the Democratic Party. If the Senate actiually did what they swore an oath to-Preserve, Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States-Vice President Pence would take over and a rational person would be sitting in the White House, not a doddering old man in the grips of dementia, obsessing over paranoid fantasies and stupid conspiracy theories while the country threatens to fall apart under the tiny hands of a fool.

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