The following is conjecture, but is based on too many years of watching Sociapaths, Greedy Psycopaths and idiots like Trump and Family.

Spo, the reason I believe that Trump did not invoke the Korean War era law that would compel private companies to produce items neccessaary to public safety.

Why would he threaten, or even promise to do so then back off? Twice at least? According to news stories inthe past week, he was “convinced” not to do so by the private sector. But which private sector? was it the same senators who sold off stock just before the Stock Exchange nosedive? Or was it others who wanted to take advantage of time to byuy stock here and there to benefit themselves? Why did he initially say nothing when Auto companies offered to produce ventilators?

Why did he invoke it on GM, AFTER GM ad already said they would, a week earlier? Probably because the Chairwoman of GM doesn’t like Trump and vice-versa. Or so it has been said in the mainstream media as well as the fringe element for years. So he “Orders” GM to produce ventilators after GM volunteered to a week earlier. Right

Personally we believe it was so persons in the private sector could position themselves favorably in the purchase of stock in companies that already produce ventilators, masks and other needed items.

Then, there is the case of a Republican Fundraiser who suddenly sent messages to all of his clients informing them that he would no longer Represent them. And mind, this is a professional GOP fundraiser who worked on major elections, not just the local like the school board.

And why, pray tell did this person suddenly go out of the business of raising money for the Republican Party?

To sell medical Personal Protective Equipment. No one noknows exactly at this moment what other medical stuff (and perhaps other Prepper type items) he might be selling, but he and a partner registered a brand new LLC in Delaware to do just that. Sell medical masks and similar items . Right now we do not know exactly the entire line of items, but this whole thing smells real bad. Meanwhile you can check many other news sources to follow this story. We recomment mainstream sources like the Washington Post, The New York Times, and trusted on-line sources like the Huffington Post, Daily Kos, and so on. Try CNN also because of their widespread coverage and MSNBC because they do a good job of covering issues at all angles, including many, many former Republican reporters and even one who hosts an early evenong news and commentary show on MSNBC, specifically her name is Nicolle Wallace and she used to work at the Bush White House as well as working for the McCain Campaign.

And, I do not now have stock or any personal interest in any of the companies I just mentioned.



There is no connection between us with the exception that this site-seers catalog-is the an updated version of an older print company/paper of the same name, which I wrote for many years ago. Politics, of course. Also look vor some improvements in this site, which will happen gradually as we find time and money to improve. Also there is never a charge here.

Mean while-to your continued good health! Stay safe and stay healthy.

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