So here we are, veterans and most explicitly disabled veterans -and yes, that includes me, wondering why the Administration last week went back and forth and round-and-round figuring out how to best score veterans.

Apparently sometime on Monday they decided that Disabled Veterans who did not file income tax for 2019 or 2018 did, after all, have to file a form with the IRS in order to get the $1200 that everyone else was getting.

For weeks, and weeks they had been saying ‘Oh no, veterans getting disability or pensions do not have to file any additional paperwork if they had not filed tax returns in 2018 or 2019. For those who do not know, disability payments for veterans are not taxable. If that sounds really wonderful, you don’t get rich on veterans disability or pension payments, any more than you do on Social Security benefits.In fact I have heard of people who get more on Social Security than I do on VA disability payments, and I am a 100 percent service connected disabled vets. I am luckythough. If I had to depend on Social Security Disability I would barely scrape by.

But back to the Government and the Disabled Veterans.

Sometime on Monday, April 20th, its was announced that contrary to what we had been told, Vets on disability did indeed have to file a form with the ITS. No big deal right? Wrong.

The form had to be filled out by noon on April 22nd.

And nobody made an effort to say anything.

I found out quite by accident from a piece on a news aggregator, which showed an article from Stars and Stripes (which Trump tried to defund, showing how much he cares about the Military and naval forces as well as veterans). anyway, I found out about it 11 hours after the deadline of noon ET. What the heck am I supposed do?

I still don’t know. After searching diligently trough all of the e-mails on various topics that I get from the VA I still can not find anything. Nor can I find anything on ny of the news sites, or government sites.


I wrote and called my congressman office.


And I imagine that that is what all disabled Veterans, from the lowest !0% disabled all the way up to the 100 percent disabled will find in their bank account will find.


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