Despite attempts to keep this for himself  Donald Trump did not invent the idea of making America great again. In fact I believe that in his mind as well as a small percentage of Americans, i.r. the rich and ultra rich, it really means let’s keep America Greedy again.  This is in fact the second iteration of the ME! generation.

Actually Ronald Reagan, and full disclosure I was never a fan of his, but compared to now it was the good old days when Reagan said Let’s make America Great Again.


America was pretty much ok at the time. We were behind in terms of energy self-sufficiency because we had been buying cheap oil from OPEC which was made up of mostly state-owned oil producers, many of which were based in the Middle East, but also in Mexico and Venezuela, but under Presidents Nixon, Ford and Carter things were looking a little brighter, though it would take many decades before we reached oil self sufficiency, and coal was being supplied to any comer (as it still is; America exports more coal to asian customers than anyone else, and Trump has not produced any of the promised coal jobs. That money goes to the wealthy mine owners, not the working class).

But let’s examine this a bit closer.

America made itself “Great” not because of rich real-estate manipulators. Its became great because of a lot of immigrants working hard. Even Trumps Grandparents and his mother were immigrants and it was they who gave-yes gave-Donny boy his money which he does a lot to lose.


Then there were the grunts down in the trenches–literally- -building the subways, the railroads (which used vast numbers of both Chinese and Irish immigrants), the factories where other immigrants worked producing steel, like my grand-father and father (Scotch-Irish, but immigrants several generations before they worked in Chicago). There were the famous intellectuals and freedom fighters who invented the American system (with the stain of slavery) and asked their lives to make it happen. There were the soldiers in the U.S. who fought to keep the Union rather than allow a few greedy plantation owners the right to sell or own human beings, and the Doughboys of WW I who fought, at great cost-to help bring eventual self-government to large swathes of Europe and then did even more in WW II when the threat of Fascism spread all over the planet, followed on by the Cold War, when Stalin and his minions wanted to rule the world in their own way.

The American way of life and those who have built it and defended not only that but the rights of other people around the world, and gone out of their way to do so, all the while making great scientific and cultural advances, are all the things that make America great.


Not great gain. From the start it has been great, even before gaining Independence it was great, and the following generations have all contributed something off their own to Keeping America Great.


We do not need to Make America Great Again. We must work even harder now when all of the institutions that made America to begin with are under threat, especially the Constitution and, very particularly the First Amendment.  So a very important date is coming up, and another of the things that has made America Great is under threat-the right of all Americans to rule themselves, the right to vote.


Numerous plots and plans are underway to strip, slowly but surely, our right to vote. There are multiple threats to suppress voters from exercising their rights. Many so-called “illegal: or “phony” voter schemes have arisen over the past few years,  all purporting to “prove” that many people are voting illegally, or stuffing ballot boxes by registering in multiple places, etc. The Supreme Court did not rule on a law that would sanction Native American voters and put  difficulties and in places veer I.D. laws that make it difficult for many people to get an I.D. In the one affecting Native Americans the State involved refuses to accept Identification issued by Native American tribes. But others make it difficult to get ID to vote in other states as well.

But Voter id and the American Legislative Exchange Council aka ALEC is the subject of another blog. This is about the her and now.

America is great because it was intended as and developed as a  democratic republic. We elect representatives and executives to run the country the Best Way Possible. To do that everyone must go and vote. Go exercise your right to vote, to free speech, to read whichever newspaper you like or listen to whatever legitimate news you choose. But If you do not vote we are all going to lose and Erica will not be great. Nor will Russia, or North Korea or even China which, in case you forgot, is a one party system, and it’s leader is a dictator.


So don’t believe that America even needs to be made great again.


America needs to be Kept Great-Always.