Our Editor has much experience and life experience (some of it rather unfortunate, but that is another story).

Gigs at an Underground newspaper in the 1970″s who had the claim to fame that they never took any money that came through the Soviet Embassy.  Apparently most “underground” newspapers of that era did, with only a couple of exceptions.

Oh the day of COMINFORM!!!  Tha was the new name of the COMINTERN. They thought is was a little less scary. Thankfully that era is over.

But even more experience with mainstream media, weekly papers mostly. including one that has one numerous Pulitzer Prizes for investigative and Feature journalism.  Oddly enough he akso spemt quite a bit of time writing for a quarterly National Guard rag. He got in a lot of troube writing about sexual harassment in the National Guard and ended up with a helicopter Medevec  Company! n( he also was in the real Army, a firefighter and EMT, and a wildland firefighter as well. He has been connected to the newspaper business  all of his life.


Our Contributing editors are varied in experience and outlook o life. We also welcome any contributions (stay tuned for how to do that. This is a new and under construction blog).


Editorial outlook is Progressive in all things. Social justice. Animal Rights,. Humorous outlook.  And just about a subject under the sun including religion, which may be a major thing considering the outlook of the new Pope.

So sit tight and visit often. Our look will improve. We will ber posting irregularly, but hopefully at least once a week.