Dr Ben Carson

When my last post was made on Veterans day, I did not realize that Dr Ben Carson, that well known almost a West Pointer also had secret intelligence information that the Chinese are involved militarily in Syria. That of course is privileged intelligence information, availabled to only him, that the Peoples Revolutionary Army (controlled by the Chinese Communist Party) is involved “militarily” in Syria.

And on a clear day he can see Beijing from his front porch. Right next to the grain silos in the Egyptian desert.

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Seems people are lusting after my blog, but that simply will not do.

At all.

SEERS Catalog will always be independent and quite simply wide ranging in it’s content.

Late;y there has been a lot going on in the orld. Trump bellowing like an angry ass.

Carson mewling like a foolish, drugged ass.

Fiorina is on some sort of acid trip, hallucinating still and trumpeting non-existent success as a background for yet another failure-this time as a presidential candidate.

And then there is Jeb! Shouldn’t that read Jeb?

Then we have have Cruz, who seems to be on Cruz control behind Trump, hoping that the Donald will do something stupid sooner rather than later, so that Ted Cruz can take up the banner, and the money he hopes will be in Donnie’s trail. Of course Teddy was at a convention of homophobic hate mongers this last weekend, which may put him in the slow lane along with Jindal, then perhaps the break-down lane with Walker et al.

Which leaves us with Rubio. Don’t know what to do with a Senator wgo doesn’t know how to do his job, but right at the moment he looks like the GOP best bet. Personally I would like to see a Jeb? v. Clinton. She would eat him alive.

If it is Hillary vs Marco, I predict that early on he will look good and seem to give her a run for her money, but will then falter and show his inexperience on the world stage and his still bumbling, stumbling youth (politcally).

But I personally feel the GOP leadership should go ahead and Pamper him. There is always Election2024.


We are still getting used to the newer media, and to blogging. We have ben periodically blogging elsewhere for several years, but thought the audience was better, and the designs preferable, here at WordPress.

Still, there is a lot to plow through, getting new designs, finding new and interesting topics et cetera, which is why there have been few entries her since our reincarnation in September. Some of the older technology has been a bit of a problem too, but that is an issue for tomorrow.

There is so much to write about, both around the world and here in the U.S. that it can be hard to decide which topic to tackle at any given time or day.  Watch for new items soon, such as some Veterans issues, Politics, with a different (we hope) angle, and some animal rights issues. Also there is so much staggering poverty and social injustice all around the globe that it can not be ignored, or even just temporarily swept under any convenient rug.

So please keep an eye on this blog. We will be adding widgets so it can be followed more easily. And we will try and remember to add the tags for individual articles!


First and foremost, this posting is not to discuss abortion or contraception. It is even worse: it is to discuss religion and , peripherally, women’s place and contribution to religion. Also it is a bit about Obamacare.

To set the stage, Hobby Lobby is suing to be exempted from providing contraceptive services under Obamacare. It is, to the best of my knowledge, the only for profit, non-Catholic business to do so.

Which made me wonder: How many women (and here I mean the day-to-day, out in the field workforce) are women.

Before I go further there is another blogger on WordPress who has pointed out that, for a mere $1 any worker, male or female, can get a plan that doesn’t cover family planning (birth control).

So being “forced” to buy a plan is a non-starter, it would seem.

It really looks like Hobby Lobby may actually be going back to the old view found in some parts of the Bible (misattributed to Paul) that women should be seen and not heard. I say misattributed because there is some evidence that this was added some years after his death. And aside from that, the whole epistle had to do with prophesying during worship. It had nothing to do with everyday life, or the place of women in everyday life. (Incidentally, this is where the admonition against false prophets comes from, also). At any rate it is in 1 Corinthians.

Try 1 Corinthians, 11. just read the whole thing through, you can’t miss the part I mean.

Then ask yourself if this is about religion or about certain religious practices whereby men are dominant over women.

And do not forget that any individual can opt out of a plan that has birth control as part of it for a mere 1 dollar a month. That is 12 dollars a year. or just ignore that part of the plan and don’t use it.

I believe the nly religious freedom here is gender opression.


(Deep sigh).

What more can I say?

Other than the fact that I am no computer whiz myself (note the fact that this site has not been updated in a while-but please be patient), I think people who are actually paid to do this type of thing, and fail miserably, should be pilloried.

I mean the actual people, not those who hired them. This is a case of people who passed themselves off as experts and were not, to do a job they were not able to do, d for a constituency that also expected them to do the job and failing to do it.

So. The computer experts flim-flammed the government agencies and the American people. They should be put out in stocks (the old fashioned type where they can be pelted with rotten produce for a few hours and generally humiliated for a few hours, them put back to work and told “get a website up and running or we do it again”.

Don’t blame the President or the HSD Secretary. Blame the people who contracted to have the site going and failed.

Origin of the Jack-O-Lantern

Like all responsible adults, we have long wondered about the origin of the Jack-O-Lantern.

We already knew that it was a celtic, or Irish-Scottish-welsh origin, going way, way, way back to whenever. Probably before St Patrick threw all the snakes out of Ireland. Actually we figure the snakes were scared off by the Banshee and/or the Little People (aka:Leprechauns) who threatened to eat them in snake stew.

At any rate, back to Jack (you don’t know him and as will become clear you do not want to).

So this dude named jack died and went to Hell. He was a bad-ass to the max. So much so that the Devil kicked him out of Hell.

So that there was no danger of Jack getting lost in the Stygian darkness on his way back up to the Land O’ The Living, he gave Jack one of the embers that Hell is so lavishly equipped with.

But Jack, complainer in chief, said the ember was too hot and he needed something to carry it in. So the Devil gave him a turnip(I knew thats where turnips came from, all along).

Jack hollowed it out and used it as a light source to find his way back up with the rest of us.

“Say What?”you exclaim. “No Pumpkin?”

No. Remember this is a Celtic story, and back then they had no pumpkins, and apparently found better uses for turnips than eating them.

Flash forward for a few years (quite a few in fact) and across an Ocean called the Atlantic. New World. New Veggies.

Pumpkins grew prolifically, and exclusively, at the time, in the New World of North America.

Voila! We don’t have to grow (and eat) a bunch of turnips! We have pumpkins, much easier to hollow out than a turnip. And when it’s all over, there are many left over with which to make Pumpkin Pie. Way better than turnip pie.

And of course pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks


Wanted to let everyone, including my Uncle Sam, that SEERS Catalog is still alive and kicking.

Moaning with frustration over the foul up on the Obamacare website. But don’t forget that only the people in the recalcitrant GOP controlled states that refused to go along have to mess around with the Federal web site. The states that signed on for their own insurance exchanges are already taking applications-successfully.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for more from SEERS! We have lots more to say, we have all just been very busy.


The following is a paraphrase of a message I found in a blog:
‘This is what the message of the Blessed Mother is all about. It is about the end of the world. It is about the end of humanity–not so much in an apocalyptic way (although I wouldn’t rule that out) but the end of the world and the end of humanity because we are destroying ourselves. We are destroying families through contraception, sterilization, abortion and divorce. We are destroying our power through pornography, promiscuity, lust and rage. We are destroying our society through greed, materialism, disregard for the poor, trampling the widows, orphans, homeless and hungry. We are destroying ourselves.’

Now if you want, you can pay attention to, or not the phrase about the message of our blessed mother. That is up to you, but look at the rest of it, especially the part about “greed, materialism (how many hungry children can eat for what you aid for that iPhone? And then there is the contract, and so on), disregard for the poor (even in this country there are people who can afford only corn meal for food, and then that is not assured for every day) and homeless and hungry.

And pay the closest attention to that. last sentence. If you are interested, or even if you are turned off because it is “religious” I urge you to follow the link below. It is interesting, makes good points and really won’t hurt you to read it.
When you are done, turn to recent stories from the news regarding global climate change. That will destroy us too, and sooner than you think!


So, might want to get your affairs in order, even if slowly, because humanity seems to be on a downward trend. Adios Muchacho’s!!


This is a link to a New York Times article detailing a conspiracy-yes I did say conspiracy-to screw us, the American People, out of health care and jobs, as well as getting grandma and grandpa poorer than they are today by cutting Social Security benefits. That cut, by the way would also increase the tax rate of everyone. ( That nasty old chained CPI again).

At any rate the link below (or go to the times site and enter Government Shutdown and or Koch Brothers. Ed Meese is behind some of it also. And they haver been planning it for months. That spells conspiracy (or at least collusion) to me

In short a few really conservative people who don’t give a damn about you, me or anyone other than themselves.

Read the article. It is an eye opener. And if you don’t know who the Koch Brothers are, they are two guys doing tyheir best to control the United States by non-Constitutional means. They funded, heavily, Romney. With that kind of money behind him, it is no wonder he had no concession speech ready. He figured “enough money behind me will push me into the White House”.