Was given a list of stuff to get from (store name deleted but it was not Wal Mart) and one of the items was Orville Redenbacher’s Pop Corn.

If Orville makes pop-corn what does Mrs Redenbacher do? And what is her actual name?

Did she make Mom-Corn? And if so, was it flavored? What flavors?

It stands to reason that if Mr. Redenbacher made chili flavored, then Mrs. Redenbacher must have broccoli flavored.

Of course she probably also made the cherry pie flavor, as well as the fried chicken, etc etc.

Full disclosureP: I have nothing whatsoever to do with Orville Redenbacher brand pop-corn.

The first Mrs. Redenbacher was named Corinne. She died in 1971. Orville later marred Nina.

To the best of our research, neither Mrs Redenbacher made pop-corn.

But they should have. And they should have called it mom-corn


From what I have seen on the news channels-which excludes Fox Propaganda and Wild Dreams Channel-people are really unhappy, and I do mean REAL unhappy about the shut-down.Special ire seems directed at Congress, particularly the house of representatives, and justifiably at the Republican Party and most particularly the starry eyed fools of the Tea Party.

Did i say Starry Eyed? I meant Evil Eyed.

Ever notice that evil is an anagram of vile?

Of course you have.

Thousands of Head Start children are now without that program. many of them get a good deal of their nutritional needs, as well as day care and early education, filled by that program.

Or they used too. Bet Sarah Palin’s grandchild does not go without those needs.

How about nutrition programs for seniors and the disabled (usually called Meals on Wheels). Not all programs are shut down but many are or are hurting.

I could go n and on and on. but mostly you know what is happening, or soon will as this drags on.

And the main reason is because the Tea Party and even many so called “mainstream” republicans have one problem. (I do not include the McCain faction GOP. They are the Reasonable Republicans, hereinafter known as the RR GOP.

They do not care about people. The do not want real people to have health care at affordable prices. They are the Rush Limbaugh stream (aka the Crush Real Americans Party). Members include Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin, and Ted Cruz, as well as the so called Libertarian, Rand Paul.

These are the people who not onlky do not care if you and yours have health care, they are the ones who want to shut down, totally, school lunch programs. They would, if possible, shut down the Food Stamp program, now known as SNAP.

They would disenfranchise many minorities, elderly and young people. Essentially they would like to roll back and totally disable the Civil Right s Legislation enacted through the 1960’s.

They would impoverish untold millions of already struggling disabled veterans, elderly and disabled adults and children by enacting chained cpi legislation (which is a blog entry all it’s own,because it is complicated). That chained CPI, incidentally would also raise everyone’s tax rate.

But the point is that they do it because they not merely dislike the American People, but they think they bare better than us. And they hate, truly hate, the idea that there is a black man in the White House.

They set out years ago, and did so publicly and vociferously, to first unseat President Obama and, when that failed, to totally obstruct
everything he tried to do. Especially those things that are good for the American People.

The Tea Party faction however is losing.

the anger is palpable, and much of that is directed specifically at the Tea Party and it’s ilk.

Send a message, literally send a message, be it e-mail or a post card (I suggest both) to your congressional representative.

Enough is enough. Get back to business. Get a budget. Raise the debt limit.


Vote for someone else.

Even if you feel your congressman or woman is doing a good job, vote for someone else. Doesn’t even have to be in the other party. Thats why there are Primary Elections in most states. So you can select who you want to vote for in your own party.

And then, after telling your congressman you are going to do it, then do it.

Lets send an entire ne slate of Congressmen and Congresswomen to Washington. In the 2014 election vote for someone else. Anyone else. (And be sure and let them know you can and will do it again if needed)

Sure, we will have hundreds of new Representatives wandering the halls of the Capitol for weeks on end, doing nothing but looking confused. Enacting no legislation and probably looking like a bunch of buffoons.

But who cares? that is exactly what we have now.

But whatever you do, p;ease let them know you are not going to put up with their self righteous and self serving foolishness and uncaring smugness.



The Republican party just had some sort of big confab.

Big enough that it had to have a slogan. (Incidentally, Speaker Boehner did not go. Too busy failing to rally the party against the super strong minority Tea Party).

Anyway, they had a slogan:

One Party. One Future.

It really is read as:

One Party. One Future. Bleak.


The president referred to in the Trivia Question is Millard Fillmore.

He was the 13th Vice President and the 13th President.

He was taught to read by his wife, so that he could read to be a lawyer.

He negotiated a settlement to resolve the “Guano War”. (Guano was a valuable asset in those days, and there was a South American island with loads of it. It was used for fertilizer. You will have to Google Guano War for ore info, s I do not recall who was involved, other than one South American country and , I think, Great Britain.

He also established the first permanent White House Library. Before that the various Presidents had their own, and when they left the Executive Mansion (as it was known until the Theodore Roosevelt Administration) so did the books. Fillmore established a permanent White House collection.

Japan was opened to international trade and diplomacy during the Fillmore Administration. The Japanese may or may not have been thrilled about this. At any rate, some Navy warships appeared one day, and they (the Japanese) decided it might be a good idea to open limited trade and diplomacy with the west. The result was Pearl Harbor and Sony. Not to speak of endless cars and electronic devices. As it turned out, though through a lot of turmoil, the relationship has been pretty good.

Fillmore reputedly turned down and honorary degree, which of course was written in Latin. He said that he did not feel he could honestly accept an honor that was “written in a language I cannot read”.

One unfortunate legacy, which was done with good intent, was the 1850 Compromise. It is unfortunate in that it did not truly deal with the issue of Slavery. It only delayed the beginning of the Civil War. That last part, however, may have been a good thing. By 1861, when the war began, we had the right people in the right places to keep the Union intact, though at a high cost.

So though you may never have heard of Millard Fillmore (and a llot of jokes are told about him), he actually accomplished quite a bit. He did not run for an additional term until later, but that was because (we believe) of a sense of humility. The accomplishments may seen very humble, but there is often greatness in humility.

(We do not know much about Present Fillmore and his presidential years because, for unknown reasons, his son burned all of President Fillmore’s papers after his death).

His last words were supposedly, (on being given some broth) “The nourishment is palatable”. I have my doubts, but then again I was not there.


The header speaks for itself.

They are Putin us, and the rest of world, on. Or trying to. They even have some Nun, order unknown, trying to tell the world that she “knows”the Assad regime did not use the Chemical Weapons. She know this how? She says she has proof. What proof?

She has no expertise, no experience with or concerning chemical weapons. So how does she know?

And the Russians keep saying that they have “proof” that the rebels used the weapons,not the regime.

But they do not provide any of the so called “proof”to anyone. Not even the United Nations

Now they (the Russians) accuse the U.S. of being obstructionist by insisting that Article 7 of the UN charter be used. This would allow
force, if necessary, be used to enforce a UN resolution. This is a logical move. It is backed by England (UK) and France. China (we think) has so far not jumped on board, or off for that matter.

Seems to us here at SEERS Catalog that Russia is the nation being obstructionist.

President Obama is not insisting that force be used. Just that it is an option if Syria does not comply.

Russian President Putin is delaying, for what reason we do not know, other than to protect the client state (and big arms buyer) Syria.

In other words, Putin does not want peace because war is good business for Russia. The innocent people who are dying and suffering long term disability are just collateral damage and of no concern.

Come on, Mr. Putin. Cooperate and let all the parties come to the bargaining table for (undoubtedly) lengthy peace talks.


The area of this bit of trivia is U.S. History. Specifically the Presidents and Vice-Presidents.

There has been one Vice-President in U.S. History whose number as V.P was the Same as when he succeeded to the Presidency.

Who was it?

No cheating. No Googling etc or you do not win the prize.

Only the persons who actually know this without having to refer to a book or a computer win.

The prize is the satisfaction of knowing what a whole lot of other people do not know.

And, to sweeten the pot, there are extra Smug Points awarded to those who know other facts about this person.

There are at least two points of interest in matters of international relations that occurred under his Presidency-name them (at least two, more garner even more Smug Points.

At least one National event of importance.

One other event of note, particular to Washington D.C.

One note of trivia specific to this man, which is totally unexpected in anyone who has been a President of the U.S. (This is a specific point of note. and gets double points.

Who was this President (10 Smug Points)

All others get 2 Smug Points (unless otherwise noted)

Correct answers to all questions (must be verifiable) get 10 Bonus Smug Points

Please leave answers to any or all questions in “Comments”


There has been a lot of media talk-and a lot of bull from the extreme right and the left-calling the President Obama wishy-washy, accusing him of backing down, and essentially a coward. They would have the world believe Russian President Vladimir Putin was the statesman, thumbing his nose at Mr. Obama and the United States, while getting a good deal for his client state (and major arms buyer) Syria.

It is true that President Putin thumbed his nose at the U.S. and effectively called President Obama inept. Beyond that, nothing is correct about any of those accusations.

President Obama was the one to originate the idea behind the Syria deal, in 2012 during the G20 summit in Mexico.

Thats right. A year ago. President Obama’s idea. Not Putin’s.

Yes, Mr. Obama threatened military action against Syria because of the Nerve gas attack against civilians. Yes he changed his mind. Yes congress collectively was chickening out.

Meanwhil, John Kerry is working his patrician butt off lobbying the House and Senate, and the Russians, apparently.

Could it just be that President Obama and Secretary Kerry were using this time-out to carry on some behind the scenes diplomacy?

Fast forward to President Obama’s speech to the nation when-Surprise!-a dal has been cut with the Russians to get the Syrian Government to plead guilty to possession of chemical weapons (another big surprise, I said sarcastically) and agree to the destruction of those weapons as well as the destruction of the mixing equipment to put nerve agent components together for use.

He, President Obama, does not claim credit for this idea (though he gave redit to the Russian Foreign Minister and Secretary of State Kerry joint credit), and by association Mr. Putin got credit.

Then Putin, in an incredibly arrogant, self-righteous and condescending OP-ED in the New York Times disses the President and the People of the United States. One wonders who wrote it for him and what PR firm got it placed in the NYT.

In the spirit of unity with all of the innocent victims in Syria, and with President Obama, and to avoid international incidents, as well as not sinking to his level of crassness, I will not suggest to Mr. Putin where to put his OP-ED. I will merely point out the obvious:

To wit; the threat of using armed force in order to get a government or other politcal entity (like rebel forces) to the bargaining table so that armed force is not needed, is a valid and time tested device of statesmanship. Using delaying tactics like “consuting Congress” to get the party or parties to agree to talk rather than escalate the situation, is also a tried and true strategy.

And guess what! It worked. Maybe. Maybe not. Time will tell. But President Obama got what he wanted-Syria to agree to go to the bargaining table, and Putin got to look brave and macho to his constituency at home (women over 50). The Syrian Government got some breathing room, and the various factions of the anti-government Syrian Forces got the world’s attention to the predicament of the innocent victims of the Syrian civil war (they got the least benefit).

President Obama is the hero here. He is the Statesman, with a capital S. Putin is just showing his true colors as the pouting, sulking kid ticked off at the world because he did not get his way, but is taking credit for what someone else (Obama) did.

The next step is up to the Syrian regime. If they do not, we can only hope that President Obama, Secretary Kerry and the Russians have a contingency plan for that.

Meanwhile , Thumbs Up for President Obama, and thumbs down for President Putin (Pooty-Poo to George W. Bush)


One of my applications does not sem to be working proper;y and sent a posting off into the ether.It was a really interesting, well written and erudite one, too.

Oh well. It is lost out there somewhere, never to be seen again.
Ted Carlin


This is my second post-the first one may have totally disappeared.

However we muddle along, and I am attempting to post by email Remains to be seen if it works.

If it does, look for some sort of post after the Presidents address on Tuesday evening, and/or after congress votes, if they bother to, Considering all the House ever seems to do is try to eviscerate the Affordable Healthcare Act and name new Post Offices.

At any rate here goes. i don’t even know if the first post published!!!!